Cope, Hope, and Dope

I really did not know what to call this collection but here it is…

Vlad is an acquaintance of my friend in Moscow, he wrote: Remember, the defenders of Mariupol have not surrendered and become POWs. They have executed the order of the commander in chief in context of a humanitarian mission, which is as agreed upon by the parties to the conflict under international mediation. And the Russian idiots can continue deluding themselves that they were taken captive.

The level of delusion is incredible here…

So what is it that Twitter does not want you to see?

Well, let me break the news to you, we live in a globalized world and your women are emancipated. So don’t be surprised that while you are defending the interests of your local and global oligarchs, your women will run off to safety of other men. There ain’t no peasant girl waiting for your return, your girls are like the second or third generation after the contraceptive pill, and the Sexual Revolution. The ease of travel is unprecedented and will only increase with the introduction of new tech.

Isn’t this the best argument against war? Well, you can actually be gay, and rejoice with the boys.

I actually believe that standing armies fighting to defend a nation will soon be a thing of the past, as there will not be many nations worth fighting for and we will go back to pros and soldiers for hire. Drones and robots will play a larger role too.

Zelensky is George Floyd
My understanding of Polish is limited but I assume it says: Do not feed Putin, use public transport…

Many people out there hope to defeat Putin but don’t want to do much for it. Any fight Ukraine has with Russia is a losing game for Ukraine. Not even weapons deliveries will help.

4 thoughts on “Cope, Hope, and Dope

  1. I’ve put some thoughts to it; thanks to this post of yours, I think I might understand why those Ukrainian trolls are so Goddamn emotional. I mean we both have dealt with those Ukrainian assholes, and you may have also noticed the strong emotionalism that’s borderline hysteria. At first, I thought it was an issue of culture and education, but with this post and my experience with those Ukraine sympathizers from US, UK and EU, I’ve came to a conclusion; most of the non-Ukrainian ones are just the liberals who bought into the “Russia is interfering elections in US and EU” talking point. To them, they’re using Ukraine to unleash that frustration onto Russia itself, and since both of us also know how childish their arguments are, it’s no surprised that their actions will lead to shit tons of cursed images shown here. Emotional, childish cyber propagandists attracts emotional, childish supporters.

    Conclusion? Those Ukrainian trolls are merely catering to their targeted audience. I don’t think they’re that dumb. They know that the average post-2016 right wing populists won’t really listen much, unless their interests are threatened (which they may feel that way at some point and will fuck with Russia hard over it, but that’s beside the point I’m trynna make here). So who makes the best audience? Well, the hysterical, childish Democrats who’re butthurt over “Russia interfering elections” and make the stupid connotation over spiced pumpkin latte during one of their protests. And how to attract their attention? Well go hysterical and act like some random hood rats and lil niggaz for some extra effects. Guess what? It worked amazingly well for Ukraine on the propaganda fronts!

    I guess at the end of the day, they’ll only wake up when they’re officially ran out of food, thanks to their sanction on Russia (not because of the invasion of Ukraine, but I doubt they’ll get it at first). Take a look at the wheat storages, it’s happening! They will still keep screaming while talking about how Russia “helped them to go Green, vegan and glutton free”, until they’re too starved to talk shit. This gonna be a complete disaster.


    1. Accusing Russia of interfering in elections is a coping mechanism. I wish Russia had the NGO and media network the West has but Russia with its RT and Sputnik is like 60 years behind the West. Also, Russia would piss away lot of its resources on a flimsy endeavor, which achieves very little.

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      1. As far as media network and NGO goes, I’ve actually heard this somewhere, that the goal of these type of things would be to sell the population something. It works like how being a salesman works; you want the population to “buy” into the ideas and agendas you’re trying to push. The key is not to change the perception of audience by making them think, which is what RT and Sputnik has done too much. The key is to make them agree with your message. You can be as big of an imbecile as possible, and your audiences are nothing but a bunch of thots and mangina, but you get your agenda across, and your audiences are eating it up. You get what you want, and your audiences are happy too and they will do what you want them to do.

        In another words, Russia focuses more on asking “do you think this is the right thing?” in order to cause a debate, while the West focuses more on asking “do you agree?” and applies those advanced advertising technique to it, and managed to attract millions of dumb fucks across the world.

        That said, in order for Russia to beat the West completely in this matter, RT and Sputnik or any other future operation of similar nature, would have to understand the fact that:

        a. Most audience don’t want to know the truth of a matter. 80 percent of them watch RT and Sputnik for the purpose of circle jerking rather than to know the cause of their discomfort.

        b. Even if they know, they don’t necessarily have the initiative to do something about it. I swear that back in 2014 and 2015, there were folks, young folks who were about my age (by now they should be in their 30s), who complained about Obama over…similar reasons that many Trump supporters got actually, which is pretty understandable. But at the same time, they went hysterical over Trump and Russia back in 2016.

        c. Most people are emotional, especially given how most of them are fucked by the constant news storm on social media. They don’t think. They want emotionalism rather than what’s real. Instead of bringing them facts, interpretations and some sarcastic sense of humor, how about a sense of martyrdom, couple Alex Jones-ish roaring, Bill O’reiley’s style of cutting talks or some half-assed version of heorism while putting pressure on MSM would be more suitable at gathering loyal fanbase in the West. Some may say Alex Jones and Bill O’reiley are being rude, but that’s what attracts people. You kinda have to be a celebrity about it. There’s a reason why hood niggaz and even the more advanced ese here always get viewed as celebrity by them rich kids whenever they’re in those upper-middle class neighborhood or those faggot ass hipster hoods.

        Then again, truth aren’t always pleasant. Truth is something that’s hard to sell. Most of those who sell truth successfully aren’t exactly selling truth, but the partial truth or exaggerated truth, with great deal of emotionalism added to it. If Russia really wanna go about it, it’ll have to lie better. Either become an expert at lying, or follow China’s path and simply stop giving a fuck about the Western audiences. That’s my view on the subject.


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