The Leader of the Neonazi Azov Battalion in Mariupol is Denis Prokopenko

Coincidentally, my mother’s maiden name is Prokopenko. This distant relative of mine really let himself go…

Here his opinion is featured on CNN. CNN promotes Neonazis in 2022.

Black Sun Azov Magazine featuring Prokopenko, with what looks like an Israeli made rifle…

Azov goons cower behind civilians, and shoot at them should they try to leave.

Reports are coming in that Prokopenko has given up the defense of Azovstal and surrendered to the Russians.

Video is in Czech, meanwhile on Daily Mail.

Propagandistic posters have appeared in Ukraine accusing Zelensky of betraying the Azov.

Denis Prokopenko said Zelensky betrayed him and he will betray you too…

4 thoughts on “The Leader of the Neonazi Azov Battalion in Mariupol is Denis Prokopenko

  1. Mission accomplished…as in the form of a complete, thorough ass whooping, with Azov themselves on the receiving end. Whenever Ukrainian lies got exposed or take a huge L, all they can do is to twist the narratives and try to make Ukraine looks heroic.


    1. What they publish in Ukraine should worry us but what worries me more is that our media here regurgitate the Ukrainian propaganda.

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      1. I noticed that too. BBC and Reuters also keep talking about “Azovstal evacuation” and completely dodging the fact that they surrendered. Orwellian newspeak is now real.

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      2. There are many ways to interpret the motive behind Western media spreading Ukrainian propaganda. My own interpretation is this: it’s a common belief in the West that war = economic boost. As 2008 recession has never really ended, and people are having it enough, they’re trying to come up with a way to agitate people and turn their hatred onto someone who’s really that big. I guess to them, those guys in the Middle East and North Africa are small fries and not enough to keep the military industrial going. They want someone who’s bigger.

        So yup, they’re aiming at using Russia for such purpose; to get people to hate Russia so much that it becomes completely out of reason. At some point, they gonna get China involved too and do something funny about Taiwan and other controversial topics – those Chinese Americans who believe that Democrats won’t hurt China too much are in for some nasty shock imo. By keeping up with these, they get to turn those right wing types in US, UK and EU onto their sides – yeah sure there are figures like Le Pen or even media personalities such as Tucker Carlson, who don’t buy into this completely. However, their views tend to be too one-sided. We talked about this before, about how those right wing populists will end up going along with the mainstream agenda, if they don’t adjust their interests completely. And on top of appeasing the right wing and distracting the general population, they get to end the recession; it’ll work, at least according to their world view.

        The biggest question here is: what if it doesn’t work? I mean, whether it’s the Putin’s supposed ambition of annexing Ukraine and rebuild a conservative Soviet Union, Russia interfering with elections, COVID, and even that “social-credit obsessed China is buying up US and the whole world and they’re working with liberals” narratives, can only work as distraction for so long. Inflation is already happening and this time, not even cryptocurrencies can save us. If their basic concept of economic fails them this time and folks ain’t getting shit, things gonna get really ugly, especially given the inhumane, neo-Nazi elements been spread to the general populations. This gonna get really ugly if you ask me, and I sincerely hope that I’ll have my shit together on the money front by then and I’ll be able to buy a nice ticket to somewhere in South America and avoid this shit completely.


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