Cannabis is Better Than Sleeping Pills

Covid caused me insomnia, my sleep at night is patchy. I wake up in the middle of the night with the full moon shining through my window. At first I was treating this with my mother’s anti-depressants but they were giving me terrible nightmares, and I could not handle that. I went to the doctor and told him I want a somatic medicine that is not a psychopharmaceutic. So the geezer gave me these pills, and they were terrible. Not only do they work like shit, and do not achieve the desired effect, they dry me up, and make me feel bad.

Yesterday I broke my cannabis on Fridays rule for medical reasons, and had a fat zoot in the evening. And I did have that craved eight hour sleep, at 6:30 I walked the dog, and have had ample energy the whole day, no signs of fatigue. Explain to me, why can’t my doctor just prescribe me an indica dominant strain for my sleep? Legalisation of cannabis would increase the range of its application, and the people could have edibles instead of joints.

I warn against the abuse of cannabis, and advocate for smarter application of drugs.

The Dangers of Cannabis

Legalize it, regulate it, but beware of substance abuse…

So recently, I have found a documentary on RT called Marijuana Victims and it is really worth watching. I have recently limited my use of Cannabis, which was probably influenced by that film because I began feeling that the substance does not do me any good. I decided to limit my consumption to Fridays because Friday is the day of Freya, the Nordic goddess of love, and Cannabis is her plant.

I have realised that cannabis helps me think in ways different than when sober, however, putting those thoughts to paper is harder when stoned than when sober. I must say the best ideas I received were when I was stoned. My friend, who is an artist told me weed makes him draw more creatively. That said, recently I smoked more and more weed to cope, I have some super strong wappa. I have locked myself out of the World with the epidemic out there, and haven’t seen my friends for several months. The only person I saw was my dealer. I recently realised my father is a weak simp, and lost all respect for him. Winter weather in the Czech Republic is something incredibly grim, and post-Covid symptoms give me anxiety and depression. Naturally, having a joint in the garden was giving me pleasure, and kept my mind at peace.

This weekend though, I have smoked too much and it caused me some serious insomnia, and I felt like it is time to stop and have a break. I have been a consumer of weed since the age of 13, and stopped for 3 years in university. Something magical happened back then, once I stopped, my grades went up 2.5 points, and I was able to secure Masters in University College London. If you are student, in high school, or in college, I suggest you don’t touch this shit ever.

I have long advocated for the legalization of cannabis but I also believe the public needs to be clued up on the substance. First off, what you need to know is this is a psychoactive drug. The Marijuana Victims documentary begins with a grieving mother, who lost her son to wax consumption. Wax is a potent concentrate, I have tried it in London, and it was the strongest thing I have ever smoked. Young man in the documentary consumed copious amounts of that stuff and committed suicide from cannabis induced psychosis. Several of my friends went nuts with paranoid schizophrenia after smoking in their teens. The wax is like a hard liquor of weed.

Should we ban wax, absolutely not. But we need more awareness about these substances. We need legal weed, so that we have a variety of cannabis products of different potency and application. I would very much like to buy my mother edibles so she can cut down on opiates she takes against chronic pains. My mother also developed psychosomatic symptoms that manifest in blisters, and doctors say she needs to keep calm. Cannabis can help but I can only get high potency stuff on the black market, and would have to stink up the kitchen cooking coconut oil with it.