The Dangers of Cannabis

Legalize it, regulate it, but beware of substance abuse…

So recently, I have found a documentary on RT called Marijuana Victims and it is really worth watching. I have recently limited my use of Cannabis, which was probably influenced by that film because I began feeling that the substance does not do me any good. I decided to limit my consumption to Fridays because Friday is the day of Freya, the Nordic goddess of love, and Cannabis is her plant.

I have realised that cannabis helps me think in ways different than when sober, however, putting those thoughts to paper is harder when stoned than when sober. I must say the best ideas I received were when I was stoned. My friend, who is an artist told me weed makes him draw more creatively. That said, recently I smoked more and more weed to cope, I have some super strong wappa. I have locked myself out of the World with the epidemic out there, and haven’t seen my friends for several months. The only person I saw was my dealer. I recently realised my father is a weak simp, and lost all respect for him. Winter weather in the Czech Republic is something incredibly grim, and post-Covid symptoms give me anxiety and depression. Naturally, having a joint in the garden was giving me pleasure, and kept my mind at peace.

This weekend though, I have smoked too much and it caused me some serious insomnia, and I felt like it is time to stop and have a break. I have been a consumer of weed since the age of 13, and stopped for 3 years in university. Something magical happened back then, once I stopped, my grades went up 2.5 points, and I was able to secure Masters in University College London. If you are student, in high school, or in college, I suggest you don’t touch this shit ever.

I have long advocated for the legalization of cannabis but I also believe the public needs to be clued up on the substance. First off, what you need to know is this is a psychoactive drug. The Marijuana Victims documentary begins with a grieving mother, who lost her son to wax consumption. Wax is a potent concentrate, I have tried it in London, and it was the strongest thing I have ever smoked. Young man in the documentary consumed copious amounts of that stuff and committed suicide from cannabis induced psychosis. Several of my friends went nuts with paranoid schizophrenia after smoking in their teens. The wax is like a hard liquor of weed.

Should we ban wax, absolutely not. But we need more awareness about these substances. We need legal weed, so that we have a variety of cannabis products of different potency and application. I would very much like to buy my mother edibles so she can cut down on opiates she takes against chronic pains. My mother also developed psychosomatic symptoms that manifest in blisters, and doctors say she needs to keep calm. Cannabis can help but I can only get high potency stuff on the black market, and would have to stink up the kitchen cooking coconut oil with it.

9 thoughts on “The Dangers of Cannabis

  1. I think the problem here, is that folks with pressing issues in life trying to smoke their problems away. Even though in order to reach to the level of suicide or developing schizophrenia, it takes some special lack of motivation. Perhaps they just don’t see any hope for them to get out of their miserable realities, and their surrounding “counterculture” which encourages anti-social behaviors as well as a weird, judgmental mentality stems from it, doesn’t help with anything at all (for counterculture, take a look at what UK and US’ “Left Coast” has became). They trynna use weed to ease the pain, but it only makes the problem worse as they tend to overdo it. Same with what they do with alcohol. What they really need are these: a good motivator, a more understanding society, perhaps a helping hand and a dose of faith, and most importantly, a sense of belonging. Maybe they can use a better Indica as well as some good anime to help them with sleeping (make sure they clean their bong often though).

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  2. I was about to comment about this under your other post about white girls are into black dudes, as I see some similar elements with the things I wanna talk about. But since I’ve brought up the subject of counterculture, hopelessness, lack of faith and no sense of belonging here, I decided to talk about it here. Ok, so earlier today when I was taking out trash at work, I got into fight with some homeless bald dude in drag (as laughable as you may think, in Seattle, particularly around the areas close to University of Washington, you see a lot of such cases. They’re referred to as “Ave rats”. The Japanese restaurant I work at is in the area so I know). He was asking me for smokes, I told him I don’t have none. He then tried to threaten me and said how he’s “a bad person so get the fuck away from me” then walk away. I told him to “fuck off”, then he walked back and began to talk crazy. First, he was sitting on the concrete barrier on the side of the road and claimed that it was his spot and asked me to do something about it, called me a bitch and all that, then I walked up to him, and he acted even crazier. Dude made a really cheesy fake cry and told me to kill him. I didn’t give a fuck and I just knocked his ass out. He climbed back up and went at me as I took the trash cans back indoor. I was surprised he still could walk as I knocked his temples so many times already and his nose was bleeding and everything, but anyways I kicked him in the stomach and he fell again. I locked the door. The manager was cool though and I don’t think he will tell the owner about it.

    Ok, I did bring up the necessity of motivation, understanding, faith and a sense of belonging. But let’s face it; some people, just some people, don’t deserve sympathy at all. However, the problem we have here, is how the sympathy has been misplaced onto the ones that don’t deserve it. Those grunge-infused homeless people in Seattle are under strict protection and they even have safe heroine injection sites. They’re allowed and even expected to act crazy, and the ones who have been working their asses off, try to get their lives together and actually do something about their circumstance other than resorting to drugs, pan-handling and acting bat shit, are judged on daily basis. The issue here is the misplaced sympathy. It’s usually done through a bunch of out-of-touch, overly value-centric, overly INFP leadership and elites. I wouldn’t say all of them are necessarily bad people, but I believe that many issues within the society are heavily sugar-coated inside their inner world. That, combine with how they’re so focused on values (often a result of free time + access to huge amounts of cash for whatever reason + counterculture media), can really cloud their judgments. This is the very same reason why those well to do white bitches love gang niggaz and thug niggaz, and why Seattle got such a disaster excuse of policies on homeless people.


    1. If you love your neighbour, you will never tolerate bad behaviour from him. Many friends of me have videos of me destroying myself with alcohol, and they constantly tease me with it because they mean well. I have vowed not to get drunk again.

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      1. Which brings up another question; it seems that Seattle elites don’t love those shitheads, but their policies don’t do anyone any good. What do they love? After some thoughts, combine my experience with America’s libtard’dom and my knowledge on Mbti (if cities can be typed, I say Seattle is probably one of the most INFP cities out there along with San Francisco and Portland), I think I have an answer; they’re in love with their own values and the ego that comes from it. Due to the dominating Fi of INFP, they’re so full of themselves that they can’t even see their own failures. This as well as the whole naive white bitches dating thug niggaz thing, I think we’re dealing with some of the worst case of narcissism out there.


      2. Cities degrade because of bad management. I have seen cities rise from the ashes like Phoenix and go back to slums.

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  3. The reason wax is not for everyone is that it is almost pure thc with almost all the cannibiniods( I am not talking about CBD, but rather the many other compounds of similar structure with many having counterbalancing effects on some of the negatives of pure thc and some more unique effects altogether).

    Speaking as an american hash has only begun to become popular and available over here and wow is it nothing like the very high thc concentrates. I would suggest you switch to hash completely.

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