Cannabis is Better Than Sleeping Pills

Covid caused me insomnia, my sleep at night is patchy. I wake up in the middle of the night with the full moon shining through my window. At first I was treating this with my mother’s anti-depressants but they were giving me terrible nightmares, and I could not handle that. I went to the doctor and told him I want a somatic medicine that is not a psychopharmaceutic. So the geezer gave me these pills, and they were terrible. Not only do they work like shit, and do not achieve the desired effect, they dry me up, and make me feel bad.

Yesterday I broke my cannabis on Fridays rule for medical reasons, and had a fat zoot in the evening. And I did have that craved eight hour sleep, at 6:30 I walked the dog, and have had ample energy the whole day, no signs of fatigue. Explain to me, why can’t my doctor just prescribe me an indica dominant strain for my sleep? Legalisation of cannabis would increase the range of its application, and the people could have edibles instead of joints.

I warn against the abuse of cannabis, and advocate for smarter application of drugs.

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