Homobanderovtsi are Real

Radical nationalists in Ukraine have a one element to their ideology that does not change over the decades. It is their complete subservience to the West against Russia.

Sichovi Striltsy were Keiser’s men, they were the loyal servants of the Austrian emperor. From them the paramilitary organisations of Ukrainian nationalists evolved. These organisations served Nazi Germany until the latter lost the war. Today, they serve the globohomo…

Rainbow pride flag and more in the front an UNSO flag.

For reference UNA/UNSO

6 thoughts on “Homobanderovtsi are Real

  1. Bro, Greg is based in Seattle. Not just Seattle actually, I say the whole Pacific Northwest is known for being gay, liberal, racially tolerance and “racially conscious” at the same time. They love to bring in immigrants, just to abuse them. Asians here are mostly target practice for the progressive yet racially conscious white people (they don’t like blacks neither but won’t do a jack about them. Shit, some of them even go to that gay ass CHAZ thing back in 2020. But they have no problem unleash it onto Asians), as well as thug niggaz and ese, yet tons of folks from Motherland as well as South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam…etc, keep storming here. Out of everyone, Filipinos and to an extent, Cambodians, seem to hang better, but others are just pathetic…even my own kind! Asians just don’t learn. This is why back in my Fuckbook days, I’ve talked about it on numbers of occasions, that for those of us who can hang, we either need to return or go to Deep South or Midwest where there are less weaklings for us to carry. Or perhaps finding a third country may be a good option. You probably read it too.


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