Girl Likes Black Men

Girl at work expresses liking to black men whenever we watch music videos. She is an ugly fishface but slim, average at best but I bet plenty black men would do her. She does it to cuck us white dudes in the office. I hope she is not some child free take too much knob in kind a girl, and gets impregnated by a black man because mulattoes tend to come out rather nice. And I hope it is girl, for us men.

In the winter of 2017, I was in St. Lucia, and met this sweet couple. His mom was white, and dad was black, her mother was black, and daddy was white. I spent Christmas dinner with them.

I was in Guadeloupe a long time ago on a summer French course, and met this dude on the beach who invited me to Pointe-a-Pitre to meet his sensi contact, we got some fine golden buds, and went back to St. Anne, where we resided. On the bus there was a beautiful chocolate skinned girl, tall, with long legs, absolutely lovely. My friend was continuing to repeat “Isabelle, Isabelle” but fruitlessly.

Pushkin, what would Russian language be without this guy?:

His bae:

Boris Kodgjoe

Alicia Keys:

Check out also my friend Giordano Baravalle. I have a recessive Asian gene from a Kalmyk ancestor. I don’t have dense facial hair, and one of aunties is as tall as a Swedish woman, only with a face of a Japanese geisha. Luckily for me, the recessive gene did not show in the intimate areas. My Czech cousin says my mom has slint eyes. I have slint eyes every time I hit that dank.

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