4 thoughts on “Senior Sergeant of the Ukrainian Military Busted With 3 Tons Worth of Marijuana Plants

  1. You know what Leos, I gonna share a piece of my mind here; from Ukraine to Hong Kong and Taiwan…so far I haven’t heard a word about legalizing ganja. There are gay rights, thot rights, ending police brutality with some absurdly gay shit I’ve seen from Hong Kong (not violent, but just plainly gay). How can they shout out freedom when they have such prudish idea when it comes to weed? Shit not just weed, but from what I can see, none of them wanna talk about anything deep, anything that actually matters. They only care about allowing thots to get as kinky as possible while having their bitchy attitude unchecked, on top of gay sex and the pseudo conservative bullshit that gets Republican boomers’ dicks hard. This is fucking bullshit!


      1. Instead of these dumb thots who are more or less grown adolescents, I want some chill AF ones who smoke massive weed. No sheltered nor overreliance bullshit, no princess bullshit and of course none of that manly ass papa bitch bullshit. We just laugh, chill and have all sorts of fun.


      2. I just had a zoot, I feel you how it is. My last summer friend with benefits is coming to town. I hope I get some pussy. On top of the chill and weed. But I must not neglect my plants.

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