Ukrnazis, a Gallery

Because, there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine, and the president is Jewish…

We are continuing the cause of our grandfathers and great grandfathers of annihilating the Russian disease… (note: I bet most of these louts have grandfathers that fought in the red army)

The postmodern reality of Ukraine is a Jewish president posting pictures of soldiers that bear the symbol of a Waffen SS division. The same people have killed Jews in WWII. Ukraine is a weird place where Jews in the government and in business support radical nationalist militias. And while this shit may just blow up your brain, this is a perfectly normal thing in our world of intersectional identities. And I hear many of these neonazis are gay, despite the original Nazis being against homosexuality. Nazis ain’t what used to be, they have been redefined.

Now, do you like a regime of Jewish oligarchs that is pimping neonazi militias? Your choice!

4 thoughts on “Ukrnazis, a Gallery

  1. It’s off topic, but Leos, do you use 4chan? How do you prevent yourself from getting trolled by them 4chan boys? I’ve seen you talking to those type back in your Facebook days, and you seem to interact with them just as good as interacting with…me actually. But for me? Not only I can’t have any intelligent discussion with them, but I get trolled here and there. I’ve just had such moment on Quora too. So how did you do that? Also, you seem to have way better understanding of what I’m trying to say…I think there may be some issue of maturity difference and issue of understanding…let’s face it, 4chan crowds judge as much as the shitlibs, whether they like to admit it or not.

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    1. I have never been on 4chan. I have attracted some trolls from Quora though. These trolls are usually triggered losers that have nothing but emotional arguments to hurl at you. They arrive here to demonstrate their anal pains instead of destroying you through witty arguments. Trolls don’t bother me.
      The difference between shitlibs and 4chan dorks is that the former have the backing of the corporate media and the political establishment, while the latter do not.

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      1. From what I can see, the shitlib trolls tend to use emotional arguments and are pretty laughable, if not a bit annoying due to their unbelievable persistence. Then you have the Western right wing trolls, who tend to focus on the supposedly Western supremacy…you know, the same old “if Trump was here, the US and NATO will be in its full strength and both Xi and Putin will tremble” argument – either that, or you’ll have the 2016 – 2020 leftovers who can’t move on from that 2016 – 2020 shit, and just focus more on China bashing and bring up that social credit system argument, and tend to ignore Russia completely, but they’ll eventually reveal their true color somehow if you provoke them enough, which is basically the same as the former type of right wing trolls.

        I think Lavrov was onto something back in 2016, when he was saying how there were so many pussies on both sides of US presidential campaign and therefore, he refused to comment. The man got the foresight, as he had already realized how both sides are bunch of cyka.

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      2. I think the Russians are perfectly clued about the mental state of the West. The Westerners have gone crazy. They are like the late Romans that thought they are better than the barbarians until one day they weren’t.

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