The Time of Uprising Has Arrived

Roughly 70k protesters gathered up in Prague several nights ago. Note the surreal picture of the Ukrainian flag hanging from the neo-classical museum at the top of the square. Underneath the entrance to the museum, on the stairs, there were counter-protesters, who held EU and NATO flags.

Give it few years, and the Ukrainian flag will cause most of the public to be enraged. Many already are questioning the public display of Ukrainian flags everywhere.

7 thoughts on “The Time of Uprising Has Arrived

  1. Looks like folks are slowly waking up. They’ll see more of it when the inflation keeps going. Speaking of which, one can’t help but feel bad for the gen Y and gen Z. I mean shit, we have entered and exited recessions and inflations more than any other previous generations..ok scratch that, you have the pre-boomer who had to put up with Great Depression. However, at least there was an end to it. For us? It’s recession after recession, inflation after inflation. Unless you’re from upper-middle class and willing to put up with the upper-middle class bullshit, ain’t nobody can build a stable future that way. Then again, what amazes me is how a lot of us keep voting in the very same guys who will definitely destroy our future. Sometimes I can’t help but thinking, that if we want to find someone to blame for our plight, we need to look no further than what displays in the mirror, instead of Russia, China or “fascists” for those who’re into antifa. To the late gen Y and gen Z who’re still in their 20s, please try to be pragmatic and stop thinking with their hearts, as it’ll get us nowhere.

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    1. There is this astrological technique called Barbault’s Index, and I have been counting it for every yeas in this century since this year. And this year I counted the lowest value in this century, I have counted to 2077.

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      1. This is something new. I’ve did some brief research, and it says that the lower it is, the more shit everyone gotta go through. Now, take a look at this chart

        From the looks of things, it got lowered right around 2013 or 2014, around the time of Euromaidan. Right now, we’re at about the bottom of this. Things will see some significant improvement towards 2028 and 2029, but there will be a setback of certain caliber in 2030s, which seem to be somewhat comparable to the drops in 2008 when the recession happened. However, as you may have noticed, the 2030’s drop seem to follow a more rugged path when it comes to climbing back up…my take on it would be the world’s leaders will become more cautiously and more introspective and overall insightful with their approaches, instead of just playing tricks to make the numbers look good. Guess everyone has learned from the mishandling of 2008’s recession and its horrendous effects on the then youngsters’ livelihood. Well, astrology cannot offer more details than that, so I can only hope that they’ll include some reparation for the gen Y’s and gen Z’s plight during 2010s and 2020s.

        All in all, it seems that our livelihoods will return to how it was during the late 90s and early 2000s, around the early part of 2040s. Hopefully this time, the mankind can actually learn something from the neglection of late 90s and early 2000s, so that way, extremism and even overall crime rates will be reduced drastically, and the overall mental health will improve too.


      2. Note that the dip also correlates with the 2008 Mortgage crisis. Maybe it already went down at the 2003 Dot com bubble. I see another dip at the start of 2030s.

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  2. 2003 dot com bubble may be just the starting point. The 2008 recession didn’t recover properly, as many were doing a half assed job, most notably Obama. This was the reason why the slope recovered so smoothly compares to the recovery of the upcoming 2030 dip, and how just little after it went up, it went even further down and now we’re at the rock bottom. When it goes too smooth, something’s probably not right. When it’s too good to be true, it usually is. This is why I was hoping that in 2030’s dip, everyone will finally learn the lesson from the events of 2008 all the way till now and make the necessary adjustment and reparation if needed.

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    1. Ray Kurzweil predicts singularity in 2029. I see a little disruption like the dot com bubble around that time but a meteoric rise of those that survive.

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