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  1. They do that a lot. If you wanna deal with Westerners, it’s pretty much a requirement for you to fit into certain molds the West created for you, or you’ll have a really shitty time. I guess this is part of the reasons why Chinese Americans in general act like a bunch of weird, dorky ass pussies who abuse their employees in their funky little businesses. It’s very different compares to actual China, where folks are actually chill, sociable and not afraid to say things as they are. I say for those who like truth and actually has an ego, it’s wise to avoid Western retards as much as possible.

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    1. China probably does not suffer from the disease of political correctness and worship of the current thing. On one hand, CCPs control over public discourse may seem oppressive, on the other hand one finds greater freedom in doing business than here in the EU. I really don’t understand the folks here that bash China and support a variety of destructive and backward cults like the Tibetan Lamaist regime, Uyghur Islamists, or Falun Gong, while having a very superficial view of what they are dealing with. My Taiwanese ex had no time for Falun Da Fa but my town hosts a small Asian community of their practitioners that spread propaganda. The Czech Republic is also frequently visited by Dalaï-lama. I guess the CIA found this old fool friends in the form of our anti-Communist dorks. In fact, all these groups are regressive and the CCP is a force of progress and modernity. It is ironic that if anyone was to preach ultra conservative discourse like these groups in Czech and Christian context, he would be reviled and vilified by the Free Tibet crowd. These normies are idiots in my book.

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      1. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll say this; despite CCP can be oppressive with its policies, and Xi got an obvious issue at being unable to think outside of box, but you can actually say what you wanna say, as long as it’s not aimed at attacking government nor violating any official rule. Also, despite all the flaws of Chinese society, the common Chinese in China seem to be less illusioned about having someone out there to protect them. Some may be illusioned about US or EU being some sort of hyper advanced civilization or a land where you can be anyone…you know, the bullshit. But here’s the trick; whether one likes the West or not, you tend to find a greater ratio of those who don’t give a fuck due to being disillusioned in actual China. The ones who don’t give a fuck are less likely to pull that filial piety thing; nor do you find them being super studious; nor do you find them walking beside their mama, holding their mama’s hands like if they’re 5, when in fact they’re late teens or young adults and probably way bigger and taller than their mama – I personally call that “little ones pimping big bitches. Sure, you can still find the Chinese American classical nerdy cucks, especially in the big cities…filial piety; getting good grades; top school; try to turn themselves into some sort of money making robots; the little ones pimping big bitches. But that’s far from being everyone.

        I think it’s because everyone knows they got no freedom, and they won’t have that governmental intervention when they’re being abused by their parents, abused by bosses at work, being the victim of that typical East Asian style of school bullying…etc, unless they’re actually beaten half-dead. Truth to be told, governments tend to be highly ineffective in dealing with such problems anyways. Under such setting, one can become disillusioned quick. Once they’re disillusioned, they’re a bit less likely to give a fuck and more likely to stand up for themselves and help out those who experience similar plight. Now, look at Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, the Chinese American community…etc, it’s either the ones who give complete fuck, or they just try to look cute or cool or just overall slutty, perhaps to wash away their painful memories – they’ll eventually reveal themselves though. You have dorks on one side, and fake ass bitches on the other side, and from what I can see, and the non-fuck giving ones simply don’t exist. That’s how it is in the democratic and pro-democratic part of Asia.

        I’ve came to a realization; perhaps that’s what the West want us to be; either dorks or fake ass bitches. These two groups of people tend to bring in profits, especially for the education industry. And on top of that, they’re happier to live and work in that typical Asian American setting. For US, the American elites can even use them to secure its influence in the Far East. Back in the 70’s, US let in a huge number of Asian immigrants, usually from South Korea, Taiwan or Hong Kong. Later on, the Vietnam War and Khmer Rouge refugees joined in. They didn’t do it for philanthropist purpose. This is a deep subject, but all I gonna say for now, is that the West hasn’t got rid of that serf system from medieval age, despite the Enlightenment Movement. It’s just that they want immigrants and minorities to do it for them and they get tricky with it. And in order to keep the immigrants and minorities under control, they resort to these behavior molds and will try to shame or guilt trip us into falling back to the molds.

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