Rumours of Maidan and War

So, you might have heard about Russian forces amassing on the Ukrainian border but events in Ukraine proper are even more tumultuous. Zelensky’s situation is very weak. He is hated by oligarchs and the plebs alike. The oligarchs, it is said, are preparing a new Maidan against Zelensky. It would seem they have received a green light from the West. Certainly forces in the West are interested in rocking Zelensky’s throne. The Guardian even dedicated an entire article to the Ukrainian leader in summer, in the connection with the Panama Papers, and this was carried over in Ukraine by a variety of Western funded talking heads.

Alongside all this, the Western governments are screeching about Russian forces amassing on Ukrainian border, preparing for an attack. I do not think Russia needs a war at present but equally, Russia will not stay idly by if Ukraine steps up her effort in the Donbas. Now, would Ukraine do the latter? Again, I am skeptical. The commander in chief, Zelensky, is so ubiquitously hate now that I do not think he commands any authority to muster a force that could take on Donbas. Nevertheless, he may try to save his rating by going full retard.

Mad times we live in, I bet the next year will be explosive, to say the least…

4 thoughts on “Rumours of Maidan and War

  1. Honestly speaking, I always view these leaks like Panama Paper with a grant of salt. I mean come on now, they only talk about Zelensky when they want the man to be out of the picture. Why didn’t they say it when Zelensky got elected all the way back in 2019? I say Panama paper is leaked on purpose. I don’t believe that things as big as that can be leaked so easily. I don’t trust that John Doe for one bit. If you ask me, I say they’re taking advantage of the anti-establishment nature of today’s publics. Whatever you wanna say about the elites, they’re very adapted at turning things and situations to their favors. Regardless what we may perceive, anyone mentioned on the paper may be in danger. All they have to do is to report about it then you’ll have an army of idiots ready to swallow the whole deal.


    1. The Panama leak is a joke, and the reporting on it is even worse. Your opinion on them is pretty much same as mine. Zelensky’s case is interesting because it involves machinations of Igor Kolomoysky, who has for a while been targeted by US state department. Kolomoysky is de facto the man behind Zelensky. Other leaks are rather stupid, like that about the Czech Premier, Babis. Babis controls like 20% of Czech economy, of course he has money and properties everywhere.

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      1. For Zelensky and his main backer, even if both of them are out of the picture somehow, I don’t think anything is going to change. I doubt there’s any authentic anti-Russia politician in Ukraine, or a strong pro-Russia one who’s actually in touch with reality for that matter. The anti-Russia Ukrainians and their emotionalism won’t matter. The only troubling element would be if US decides to set up a base (unlikely), or perhaps as you said, Zelensky does something stupid in Donbas out of desperation.

        As far as Panama paper goes, sometimes I can’t help but wonder, how stupid can people get, honestly speaking? Like Panama paper, anything that goes on TV and big time online news outlets will cause some kind of uproar among the publics, no matter how inane it may be. I don’t know what kind of psychological conditioning they’ve been putting out…I think it’s due to the desire of how people want to feel special; the more hopeless and uncertain they feel, the more they want to feel special just to ease their sense of insecurity…which brings to a rather troubling element; it’s almost a fact that 2008 recession has never really ended, and with the type of familial structure, relationship with parents and social expectation that many young people face, combined with COVID and its socioeconomic impacts, I can see how things can get really bloody for the next 10 years or so.


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