The Polish to Make Ukrainian Refugees to Pay for Their Accommodation

Refugees from Ukraine in Poland will be made to pay for their accommodation.

According to government plans, in the first three months the payments will be 50%, later it will be 100% for accommodation provided by the state.


No freebies for Ukrainians, please! The Ukrainians ought to learn Polish and find themselves a job. If they cannot do the latter, they can move westwards.

Syrian Refugees Claim They are the Ukrainian Volleyball Team

From RT…


Greek police have caught a group of migrants from Syria attempting to fool migration control by posing as a volleyball team from Ukraine.

Ten Syrian refugees were arrested at Athens International Airport over the weekend, police said. In an attempt to fool migration control, they all dressed in identical uniforms, brought a number of similar sports bags, and two volleyball balls.

They also had Ukrainian passports, which were listed as stolen or lost.