Google Propagandizes People in Central Europe

From RT:

Google is expanding its campaign against what it calls online “disinformation,” and will roll out ads in Germany aimed at “prebunking”content it disagrees with. Tested in Poland last year, the ads are the product of a Google research unit formed to combat “threats to open societies.”

Jigsaw rolled out its ‘prebunking’ ads in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia last fall, where it focused specifically on making viewers more accepting of Ukrainian refugees. Google found that the Polish campaign worked, and that those who saw the videos were less likely to spread “false claims” to others, the Associated Press wrote.

Here is the problem. People like me, who has seen those ads, doesn’t have a problem with Ukrainian refugees. I think that anyone should have the right to leave that shitshow called Ukraine, particularly the men. I meet many Ukrainian blokes in my work, and I always think to myself. “You boys are so lucky to be here and not in Bakhmut or Vuhledar.”

But I occupy a different socioeconomic niche than many people here. An old woman that does a part time job as a cashier to add some extra cash to her meagre pension told me she is allergic to the Russian tongue. (Most Ukrainians speak Russian, besides the Czechs rarely make a difference between Russian and Ukrainian). So I asked her why she holds views like that? And it was because the Ukrainians have scooped up all the council flats. People like that are not going to be convinced by cringy commercials on YouTube.

I heard that about 400k Ukrainian refugees have arrive in the Czech Republic, that is 4 times the regional capital where I live. This will be a massive burden on public funds. Prepare for things like social welfare, and healthcare to deteriorate. The resentment of Ukrainians will not be driven by disinformation on the internet but by first hand experiences.

I will add that the Ukrainians are culturally different from the Czechs. They may have a similar language but that’s about the only commonality we share with them. The Czechs drink beer, Ukrainians drink horilka (Ukrainian name for vodka). The Czechs are basically Germans with a hint of Slavic. I heard there is a night club in Prague which becomes a fighting ground between Ukrainian gangs on weekends. The Czechs stopped going there because of the violence. There are many other such instances that go unreported…

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