Trump Supporters Think Putin Would not Invade Ukraine if Trump was President

So, apparently what kept Putin from invading Ukraine was the graceful presence of the Donald. I understand that after Russiagate, there is a desire to present Trump as tough on Russia. But to think Putin grew the cojones to attack Ukraine after after witnessing Brandon’s pathetic pullout of Afghanistan, is actually a very superficial analysis.

It presupposes that Putin is some kind of a madman, who woke up one morning and said. “Listen up boys, Murica is ruled by a weak senile idiot, ready the forces…” In fact, Ukraine has amassed forces in the east of the country, and readied them to strike at Donetsk. Putin tried for many months to talk to Americans hoping American will talk sense into the Kiev regime. The Americans weren’t interested in talking sense into the Kiev regime and instead threatened hard sanctions. Do you believe the Donald would have behaved differently? Do you think Trump would strike a satisfactory deal with Putin?

Donald Trump Weighs in on Joe Rogan’s Plight

As somebody who has been ostracised from Facebook and Twitter for my political views, and free expression, I sympathise with Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan found himself a target of a concerted campaign by leftists, who hate the fact that he enjoys freedom of speech. Recently, I hear they made a video in which they feature Rogan saying the N-word on his show. Saying the N-word is a capital offence to the stinky leftists that are after Rogan. However, who has the time to find all the instances where Rogan uttered the N-word? I am personally part-time employed, and enjoy passive income, and I would dedicate my free time to much better pursuits than finding wherever somebody committed wrong-speech. This is a dedicated activist job, probably paid…

The Donald never apologizes…


Joe Rogan has been initially a target of the leftists over his Covid comments. I personally believe everyone is entitled to an opinion on Covid. My opinion is that it is not a big deal and we should get the society back to normal ASAP.