I Guess This is Why Republika Srpska Wants out of Bosnia

The school in Gorazde, Bosnia, previously named Nikola Tesla, a scientist, changed it`s name to Husein Djozo, member of 13th Handžar Division organized by the Waffen SS where he served as imam of 28 regiments, and occasionally as divisional imam. He openly wrote a letter to Himmler stating the readiness of many soldiers to lay down their lives for Adolf Hitler: “I consider it my duty to express my gratitude to the Reichführer on behalf of divisional imams and hundreds and thousands of poor people in Bosnia.”

I found this in the comments on YouTube. This was a total Svidomite move there. Nikola Tesla was a Serb and he had to go, and they have chosen a total ghoul in his stead, wonderful. This has everything.

Polish Foreign Ministry Complains About the Treatment of Polish People in Ukraine

The season is over, and I have free time to dedicate to this blog again. And I would like to introduce a new thesis to this blog. “UKRAINE DOES NOT HAVE ANY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS”. However, Ukraine has a perfect geographical location that it absolutely does not exploit. I think we have a case of Peremoha & Zrada, they are the two sides of the karbovanets coin. While Ukraine was gifted this perfect location by fate, or Bolsheviks, the regime there chose radical nationalism and cannot make any use of the advantages Ukraine has in any way. Similarly, the system favours a narrow orientation towards the West, which makes things even more complicated. It is like having a perfect graphics card but running old drivers for it. Outdated, caveman nationalism is hampering Ukrainian relations on all fronts.

The other day, the Polish foreign ministry complained about the treatment of Poles in Ukraine. The Polish deputy of the Polish foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski said that the Poles in Ukraine are discriminated on the basis of religion, access to education, and freedom of speech. He also mentioned that in Ukraine, people responsible for genocide of the West Ukrainian Polish population are being glorified in Ukraine. The latter has long been a major complaint of Poles towards Ukraine. However, complaints about the treatment of coethnics in Ukraine has so far been the preserve of Hungary.

You see, Ukraine lacks friendly relations with any of its neighbours, despite having a perfect geographical location that it could exploit to the fullest.

Miss Universe Ukraine Speaks Russian

The newly baked Miss Universe Ukraine, Anna Neplyakh became a target of linguistic activists in Ukraine for speaking Russian at the event. This is what she had to say to them:

As a person that grew up in a Russian speaking family, in a city, (she is from Dnieper) where 90% of the people speak Russian, deserve to have my right to speak in a language that is convient to me respected.

Ukraine’s problem is psychological. An aggressive minority, known in circles as Svidomites, do not recognize the rights of the passive majority. Already few territories have split from Ukraine, and I believe that with the newly resurgent Russia, others will likely soon follow.

2014 Has Seen Levels of Svidomism That Shouldn’t Have Been Possible

The years immediately after the victory of the Maidan, were literally the peak of Svidomism, particularly the first months of 2014. Back then Crimea was still half way on its way out, there was no war yet, and so we saw Svidomite bravado such as the one below:

Ukraine in 10-15 years. Investment from the EU and Marshal Plan (USA) – the entire country is a construction site: motorways, factories, a variety farms are growing like mushrooms here and there. Sun, grace, wheat fields in the steppes. Progress everywhere – monorail trains run from one corner of the country to another. The country is getting richer, we have the richest soil and the people are hard working, friendly and tolerant of others – everybody is happy. As if it were like in heaven.

Over Dniepr, over the capital Kiev the music of Bortnyansky is playing incessantly. The Ukrainian nation gives thanks to God for joy and peace through this music. And meanwhile, beyond a stone wall to the north nations of the prison empire are burning tires, they are taking a cue from Ukraine… and beat up the rashists. There is a rebellion in Crimea, they want to go back to Ukraine but they are being carted off to Magadan…



It is almost ironic that it was Crimea that became a construction site with a new new airport, new highway, new railroad, and a new bridge linking to the Russian mainland. It is sad that the above drivel hides within it a recognition of the immense potential of Ukraine never been realized. Ukraine has a perfect geographical location and fertile soil, it had industry inherited from the Soviet Union. But Ukraine also has Svidomism and that’s why it was unable to make any use of those assets.

I just wonder, where do stupidities such as the belief that America, with it decrepit infrastructure, is going to build a monorail in Ukraine? Marshal plan was for Europe destroyed in the deadliest conflict in human history, not for a post-Soviet ethnic bantoustan destroyed by years of mismanagement. Many US cities do not even have a monorail. Meanwhile, instead of a monorail, Ukraine has old Soviet trains where mushrooms grow. But one needs to ask where does this imbecilic optimism come from?

Ukrainian mycorail

Even today, when it should be blatantly clear that no monorail will be built, Svidomites still dream of a return of Crimea and the Donbass. Just the other day, while trolling Sternenko on YouTube, some particularly gifted lady told me that Crimea will be returned when Putler dies. I simply do not know where such fantasies originate. Is it a coping mechanism? But quite frankly, I am betting that most people making such statements aren’t in any way benefiting from the state of things as they are.

Ukraine’s many ills are psychological. Svidomism is a disease of the mind, which turns one into a Russophobic moron, and leads one to act in self-destructive ways. It is not just Ukraine that is suffering from this. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic are also not immune to periodic explosions of Russophobic hysteria that goes against the interests of local economies. I am speaking about Bulgaria’s rejection of the South Stream pipeline, and the Czech Vrbětice affair…

These countries need to achieve healing, drop malign Western influence, apologize for Russophobia, and only then they will prosper in the long term…

Oleksiy Honcharenko Spread Cursed Images in Poltava

I already mentioned Oleksiy Honcharenko in my recent post but I remember for a while I have had a video of him on my YouTube channel. Oleksiy has a decent command of the English language and during the time of Petro Poroshenko in the office of the Ukrainian president, Oleksiy represented Ukraine in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe…

So recently, Honcharenko defaced the landscape of the Ukrainian city of Poltava with billboards featuring Ivan Mazepa, the Hetman of the Zaporozhian Host during the reign of Peter the Great. The Zaporozhian Host were Cossacks and vassals of the Russian Tsar, and for many years Mazepa was a loyal subject of Peter. But when in the course of the Great Northern War, the King of Sweden, Charles XII, Hetman Mazepa chose to betray Peter and back the Swedish invaders.

Charles and Mazepa were squarely defeated at Poltava, and the men loyal to Mazepa fled to the Ottoman Empire. Mazepa was reviled by the Tsarist government for his treason but his persona periodically resurfaced since the first half of the eighteenth century in a more positive light.

In the Romanticist period of the nineteenth century, a story from Mazepa’s youth became somewhat popular in the West. The story goes that the young Mazepa, who then was a Polish courtier, was humping one of the wives of some magnate. The magnate discovered this love affair, tied naked Mazepa to a horse and set the animal loose. The horse carried Mazepa east to the lands of the Cossacks.

Around the same time, Mazepa found some favour with the Decembrists, who saw him as fighter against autocracy, and slightly later he was adopted by the Svidomites, who made him a fighter for independent Ukraine. It would seem that modern political movements have a tendency to make Mazepa into something he really was not. That is, an old fool who backed the wrong horse.

But Mazepa animates the Svidomites because he is the personification of their own archetype. Their ideology of the Ukrainian nationalists is in a nutshell basically the betrayal of Russia and embracement of the West. And Oleksiy Honcharenko is another personification of a collective Mazepa. He campaigned in Odessa in defense of the Russian language but then in 2014, a crisis hit, a crisis no doubt influenced by Western interference. Honcharenko completely flipped the script…

Happy Birthday Poltava, The Battle of Poltava is not finished yet. To Moscow!

I am willing to bet that a repeat of the Poltava battle would have a grim ending for any adepts of Mazepa. And Honcharenko would be the first to make a run in the Western direction.

Ukraine has a Hero

And his name is Oleksandr Usyk

The boxer, Oleksandr Usyk defeated the British fighter, Anthony Joshua and returned belts to Ukraine. However, Svidomites and Russophobes have given him a cold shoulder because Usyk is a Vatnik. Not a single Ukrainian TV station aired Uskyk’s match with Joshua. And some Ukrainian nationalists even supported Joshua. Usyk is a brave man, who is unafraid to say things that are politically incorrect and he elicits salty reactions from Nazis and peddlers of Russophobia.

Klymenko time has a good summary of the triggering…

First comes Serhiy Sternenko, already profiled on this blog. I even saved his sour grapes from his YouTube post:

If you are ready to pardon Usyk for his statements about “Russians and Ukrainians being one nation”, being bros with the occupiers, “Crimea is Crimea”, and a suggestion to hang oneself if you support decommunisation.

Ok, that is your right. However, I am not ready to just forgive.

I am sorry I am spoiling your celebration by the reminders above. One time public appearance in the Ukrainian language and gloves with the slogan “Simpheropol is Ukraine” do not bespeak Usyk’s change of mind.

Medvedchuk also says Crimea is Ukraine and sometimes speaks Ukrainian. However, he does not quit, just like Usyk, to adhere to Russian values.


Russia was divided into three by her enemies and nothing good ever came of this division. Ideas are more powerful than any weapon because ideas shape the future and this idea will shape the future of Eastern Europe. It will be more powerful than any nuclear bomb.

I have not investigated Usyk’s biography but from what I have gathered, he certainly has a deep connection to Crimea. It ultimately is up to the Crimeans to decide where that peninsula will belong.

Well guys, I am no fan of Communism. I believe our East European countries will be overcoming the legacy of this system for the rest of this century. However, one cannot deny that contemporary Ukraine is almost entirely a Bolshevik creation, it is another problem created by Communism. Decommunisation in Ukraine is basically going against the territorial, ethnic, and industrial history of that country.

It is no surprise that when forces hostile to the Soviet past prevailed in Ukraine, the country was met by an internal unravelling, and industrial decay.

Ukrainians Can’t Have the Cake and Eat it Too

I have noticed profound confusion in Ukrainian narratives, and you may have read many posts on this blog, where I discuss them…

Let’s start:

1) The Ukrainian nation is a modern nation, created on the basis of a vernacular language that developed in the East European plain through the contact of Old Russian peasants with their Polish overlords. 40% of Ukrainian are borrowings from Polish. It is precisely this centuries long estrangement from the rest of Russia that gave rise to the ideas of a separate Ukrainian nation.

Well, if Ukraine is based on a culture created by centuries of Polish rule, why then would the Ukrainians claim the legacy of Old Rus’. I get it, the true history of Modern Ukraine is the history of enserfed peasants, and there isn’t much to say about the place after the Old Rus’ perished in the flames of the Mongol invasion.

Ukraine is the only country of the East Slavs that does not contain in its name a reference to Rus’. Belarus and the Russian Federation do. Mind you, “Russia” is the hellenized form of the word Rus’ that entered World languages, and retrospectively the Russian language in the time of the Romanovs. I bet the Zmahars (Belorussian nationalists) would have changed the country’s name if a suitable nomenclature was current there.

So, if Ukraine on one hand is the rejection of Rus’, and commonality with Russia and Belarus. How then can Ukraine claim to be the sole proprietor of the Rus’ legacy? Ukrainian officials even make rather uniformed statements that the Russians, of the Russian Federation have somehow usurped the label Rus’.

2) Russian gas is very dirty, said Zelensky on one of his recent visits to the United States but Gazprom must continue pumping that gas to Europe because Ukraine needs the money. For many years, Ukraine was buying Russian gas through Slovakia which was several times more expensive than if it was bought directly from Russia. The Ukrainian population is feeling this independence from Russia every time they have to pay the bills.

3) Ukrainian officials speak of an ongoing war with the Russian Federation but neither is there an official declaration of war, there isn’t even a conflict going on Russian borders.

Ukraine signed the Minsk Accords but would not implement them in any form because then they would have to acknowledge that the Donbas is an internal Ukrainian conflict.

4) Speaking of Donbas and Crimea, the Ukrainians have for a long time used the question: “Whose is Crimea?” as a way to determine a friend or foe. But Crimea is a testament to the formation of the Ukrainian state.

You see, the country named Ukraine was entirely created by the Bolsheviks. The anti-Tsarist forces in the Russian Empire in the nineteenth century were very fond on the budding Ukrainian nationalists. Ukrainian nationalism in the late nineteenth century was very much intertwined with the ideas of social justice, it was about the emancipation of the downtrodden peasants, and naturally these ideas found favour with the Bolsheviks, and it was the Bolsheviks, who played the decisive role in the formation of Ukrainian state as we know it.

It was through the decision of Lenin that the Donbas became Ukraine. Stalin annexed the Western part of Ukraine from Poland and Czechoslovakia, and Khrushchev gave Ukraine Crimea. When Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, instead of trying to accommodate the people in the disparate lands they were given, the successive Ukrainian governments have embarked on a program of imposing what arguably is a West Ukrainian culture on the whole of the country.

The West Ukrainians have the desirable quality of being the most distant from the Russians but they also have a seething hatred towards the Bolsheviks that they view as occupiers. Stalin does not get any props for uniting Halychyna with the rest of Ukraine.

It is rather ironic that when the Ukrainian nationalists began toppling the statues of Lenin around Ukraine, Crimea and the Donbas seceded. You simply cannot deny the genesis of Ukraine in the USSR through the good will of Soviet leaders. The West Ukrainian nationalists have never fought for this territory, they haven’t spent a single bullet for this territory, they have inherited it from the Soviets.

Naturally then, if they want to claim this territory, they have to fight over it. But at present, Kiev finds the guts only to fight the separatists in the East, and therefore de facto, Crimea is Russia.

Recently, Russian rapper Morgenshtern, who arguably promotes a rather degenerate culture of American rappers but is actually smarter than he appears, said in an interview with the Ukrainian TV host, Dmytro Gordon that Crimea belongs to the Crimeans, and basically only the people of Crimea can decide which country they want to belong to.

5) Ukrainian officials claim they are defending Europe from the invasion of Russians from the East. They are probably trying to elicit the help of the countries to the West of their borders, who are no less sick with Russophobia than they are. However, do they not realize that their most immediate Western allies are in no position to help them militarily. The guarantors of the Minsk accords are France and Germany, not Poland and the Czech Republic. Moscow does not consider the latter as equal partners.

Ukrainian Officials Have Gone Completely Bonkers on Identity Politics

Top Ukrainian officials allowed themselves displays of Svidomism that is scarcely fathomable…

First Alexey Arestovych said Ukraine should undergo a rebranding to Rus’-Ukraine to take the brand of Russians from Russia. I really wonder, what is wrong with Ukraine?

Mind you, the name Ukraine is rather modern too. It only gained circulation in the early 20th century. In a sense, back then the lands that are now Ukraine have undergone a rebranding. However, instead of being honest about their history, that is that the Ukraine is a result of emancipation of the creole culture created there through centuries of Polish rule, the Ukrainian nationalists such as the historian, Mikhailo Hrushevsky, who to my knowledge coined the hybrid term “Rus’-Ukraine”, began to usurp the rights to Old Rus’.

When it comes to Rus’, it was established by Swedish Vikings that were initially based in the north, in areas that are today part of the Russian Federation. Vladimir came to Kiev from the north, from Novgorod. The Ukrainians act as if the Russians have somehow stollen the rights to call themselves Russians.

From RT (hat tip: AK):

Alexey Arestovich, who works as the spokesman for Kiev’s delegation to the contact group on Donbass, claimed that Ukrainians are actually the real Russians.

Arestovych is a strange character. He was a blogger and a pick up artist before representing Ukraine in Minsk. But if a comedian can be a president, then all things are possible. Just do not expect anything highly intellectual from them.

Alexey Danilov, the head of the national security council, suggested to write the Ukrainian language in the Latin Script. This is utterly cargo cultish. Actually, the Cyrillic script is native to Slavs, and the switch to Latin script was always done when the German and Latin influence became dominant. In a sense, it would be a rejection of the Rus’ identity. The Cyrillic is a fusion of Greek and Glagolitic made specifically for Slavic languages. I am not certain such an initiative would be something Ukraine needs, it would create more problems than solve whatever the objectives this initiative has.

These initiatives from rather top Ukrainian officials are somewhere out of the realm of the absurd and betray an identity crisis in Ukraine. I have a solution, Kiev is the mother of all Russian cities and the Ukrainians are nothing but rebranded Russians, whose regional identity was used to manipulate them. However, as long as the Ukrainians continue to claim legacy of the Rus’, they cannot go against that legacy.