Greek Orthodox Hierarchs Summon a Pan-Orthodox Council to Discuss the Ukrainian Issue

The Union of Orthodox Journalists reports…

The hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus and Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythira and Antikythera, wrote a joint letter urging all Primates of the Local Orthodox Churches to convene a Pan-Orthodox Council on the “Ukrainian issue”. This was reported by Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus to the Greek online publication ΒΗΜΑ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ.

All Local Churches will receive a letter in the coming days, since the “Ukrainian issue” shook the foundations of the Orthodox Church throughout the world. According to ΒΗΜΑ ΟΡΘΟΔΟΞΙΑΣ, hierarchs are calling to convene the Pan-Orthodox Council even without the participation of Patriarch of Bartholomew of Constantinople.

The Metropolitan of Piraeus noted that the unprecedented legalization of schismatics in Ukraine is a crime.

“It is completely unacceptable to assert that the unity of the Church is achieved through ‘reinstatement’ and admission of unrepentant apostates, anathematized and not ordained, secret conspirators and schismatic persons,” His Eminence Seraphim emphasized and reminded that only the Pan-Orthodox Council can have the power to grant autocephaly.

The logical outcome of Poroshenko’s Church diplomacy…

Erdogan Meets Crimean Parliamentarians in Istanbul

A series of photos has surfaced of Natalia Poklonskaya and Ruslan Balbek, two notorious Russian parliamentarians, dining with the president of Turkey, Erdogan…

They were a part of the Russian delegation at an anti-terrorism conference.

Zrada, Erdogan khuylo, such shit would not happen under Poroshenko…

Photo of the day. Erdogan has personally given audience to Crimean collaborationists, Poklonskaya and Balbek. If anyone hasn’t understood yet, Erdogan is the same kind of khuylo, only Turkish.”Collector of Ottoman lands, fuck” Crimea is ours, in Turkey Cyprus is ours, that’s the whole difference.

Filaret: The Kiev Patriarchate was not Abolished. My Role as the Patriarch is to Preserve it.


The honorary Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine said that he would like to preserve the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, and he is ready for a schism.

The honorary Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (OCU) said it is possible the Kiev Patriarchate will split off from the OCU, and considers that he has the power to convene a Church synod. He said this on air of the TV channel. 1+1 on 12 May.

According to Filaret, the head of UOC, the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine, Epiphanius, has spoken to him not more than five times since the creation of the autocephalous Church.

He said that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate still exists, and the Unifying Council was not the gathering of Ukrainian Churches.

You will burn in Hell if you vote for Zelensky


Translated from Antikor:

Protoiereus of the Orthodox Church, Petro Zinich said that all those people, who voted for Volodymyr Zelensky will burn in Hell. 

This is what the cleric wrote in a commentary he made on Facebook.

The publication of a user, Yuri Doroshenko, concerned the second round of presidential elections.

“I would like to remind those who love colour green, that the Russian plague began with green men.” -Doroshenko wrote. (The rant is a pun upon Zelensky’s name, which contains the root “zelen” -green)


The Protoierus of OCU, who serves in St. Volodymyr church in Kiev, wrote a sensational announcement in response.

“Everyone, who votes for that clown Zelensky, will burn in Hell.” He ended his diatribe by: “Amen and Glory to God!”

To which Yuri Doroshenko answered: “word of a true pastor, who testifies the truth.”

Epiphanius Without an Office, The Kiev Patriarchate does not want to Merge with the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Translated from the Union of Orthodox Journalists. It looks like OCU might not just have problems with gaining recognition outside but also internally. Read my other posts on the Church topic, please… 

Privileges, valuable real estate in the centre of Kiev, and the absence of faith in the viability of the newly created OCU are just some of the reasons why the Kiev Patriarchate doesn’t rush to transfer to the OCU.

Epiphanius Dumenko and Filaret Denisenko

While the government undertakes whatever methods available to, it to “transfer” communities from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to the newly created OCU, (the link talks about a takeover of a church in the Ternopol Region with the help of thugs from the Right Sector) the Kiev Patriarchate is dragging out the transfer process. The delay is not coincidental; expensive real estate in the possession of the Kiev Patriarchate, among others, an office block in central Kiev. So reported an investigation of the “Radar” project of the television channel NEWSONE.

The two founding Churches, that is the Kiev Patriarchate, and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC), took on the obligation to merge into the OCU at the “unification Council” on 15 December 2018. Back then, the “patriarch” Filaret Denisenko and the former head of the UAOC, Makarius Maletich, announced the dissolution of their organisations. This is confirmed by the official answer the journalists received from the Kiev Patriarchate.

However, as the journalists discovered, the Kiev Patriarchate still functions as a religious organisation, enjoys all the benefits (among others tax benefits and utility payment benefits). Among the properties still owned by the Kiev Patriarchate is the building of the eparchial administration, 36 Pushkin Street, at the very heart of Kiev. The head of the newly created OCU, Epiphanius, does not even have his own office, and shares space with the rector of the Kiev Ecclesiastical Academy right underneath the halls of residence of the seminarists.

Meanwhile, this is not the entire real estate which is in the ownership of the Kiev Patriarchate. The journalists also discovered a modern building in the historical part of Kiev, on the Desyatynnyi Ln., right next to the Mykhailovskyi Monastery. There are offices in this building, and the Kiev Patriarchate likely makes money on letting them out.

“According to the legal department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, such a contradictory situation is linked to the Kiev Patriarchate still believing the situation could be reversed back to the situation before November-December 2018. The clergy do not have faith in the viability of the newly created OCU. The head of the department of religion in the Ministry of Culture, Andriy Yurash, says the ministry cannot influence the Kiev Patriarchate.”-says the report.

As the Union of Orthodox Journalists reported, the head of the UOC, Epiphanius Dumenko, said that there no longer are the Kiev Patriarchate, or the UAOC in Ukraine. Epiphanius explained that the charters of the Kiev Patriarchate and the UAOC have been deregistered, and a registration was filed for the Kiev Metropolia of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (OCU), which he calls the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the charter was adopted on 15 December on the “unification Council.” However, after transferring to the OCU, the parishes in fact transfer to the Kiev Patriarchate, and in Volhynia, there aren’t any official transfers of the Kiev Patriarchate parishes into OCU.