Render Onto Caesar

When nationalism is more important than the Bible…

Turns out there actually is a Kiev Patriarchate Church in Crimea. And it is in trouble because Muh Ukraine! Basically, it would need to register with the Russian authorities to function, or else it will be closed.

This was reported by Krym.Realii, a website of the RFE/RL, US funded propaganda. Just for your information, the RFE/RL also has Sibir.Realii, and Kavkaz.Realii. And perhaps other such properties aimed at Russia’s “ukraines”, that is outskirts. Imagine if Russia Today had websites named: “Texas.Reality, Cali.Reality, Hawaii. Reality…” in English and Spanish? Muricans would flip out of their skin…

But I digress, the Kiev Patriarchate, now the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, in Crimea does not recognise the authority of the Russians because they are a bunch of stuck up Ukrainian nationalists, who will soon be sent packing over to the Kherson region.

They should follow Jesus and render onto Ceasar what is Caesar’s. Be more like Jesus, not like Bandera, and everything will be good…

What Intimidation of the Orthodox looks like in Ukraine?

Two curious videos have gone viral in Ukraine, showing nationalists protesting the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the omophorion of the Moscow Patriarchate…

It needs to be understood that the main aspect of the Ukrainian nationalist ideology is the severance of any link with Russia. Ukrainians are a rather new nation, created out of a regional branch of the Russian people, and this fact compels the Ukrainian nationalists to embark on a programme of forced derussification in order to assert their place under the Sun. One such area concerns the independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is perhaps the least Russian of what could be termed “the Russian element”, that is the target of Ukrainian nationalism. In practice, the Church only has a spiritual link to Russia, and it services many rural communities which tend to be culturally and linguistically Ukrainian rather than Russian. What irks the nationalists is the link to Russia because it causes the Church to be above the nation. They want a nationalist Church, which would serve to promote Ukrainian nationalism.

Since the nineties, several organisations without international recognition have formed out of this nationalist urge, and they were recently been unified into with the help of the Ukrainian state, the Ecumenical Patriarch, and likely the United States in the background, into a new structure called “the Orthodox Church in Ukraine“. This gave a new impetus to Ukrainian nationalist orcs to protest and intimidate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The first video I was able to give English subtitles. It features father Vyacheslav Yakovenko being protested by what looks like the Civic Corpus of the neo-nazi Azov battalion. This wasn’t father Vyacheslav’s first brush with the nationalists. The Svoboda party protested the building of his church.

The second video is slightly older but features a group of nationalist orcs trying to enter a church in Vinnytsia. The nationalists from the Right Sector are blocked by parishioners which urge the former to recite the Symbol of the Faith, and the Lord’s Prayer, which the nationalists appear unable to do.

I wasn’t able to give the above video subtitles because it is the property of News Front, and youtube wouldn’t allow me to do a repost. It nevertheless shows clearly that the nationalist orcs are more interested in control than faith.

Outside of Phanar, not a Single Representative of the Orthodox Churches Attended the Enthronement of Epiphanius

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On 3 February, the enthronement of Epiphanius Dumenko, the head of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (the new structure created by the Ecumenical Patriarchate out of Ukrainian schismatics) happened in the St. Sophia Cathedral. A delegation of the Constantinopolitan Patriarchate. The Metropolitan of Gaul, Emmanuel, Metropolitan of Adrianopolis Amphilochius, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, Metropolitan Georgius (Kalishchuk), the hegumen of the Athos Xenophontos monastery, Archimandrite Alexios, the Exarch of the Phanar in Kiev, f. Mykhailo Anishchenko, and also two monks from the St. Panteleimon Scythe of the Koutloumousiou Monastery of Athos. The present Athosites did not represent the Holy Mountain (because the Holy Community of Athos decided at an extraordinary session to refuse [the request] of the Ecumenical Patriarch to send an official delegation to Kiev), and were part of the delegation of Constantinople. This was reported by the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

Also present were the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the head of the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops, Bronislaw Bernacky, the Metropolitan of Lvov of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine, Mieczysław Mokrzycki, and representatives of protestant Churches. 

The Phanar wasn’t able to get even one hierarch from the Local Orthodox Churches for the enthroment.

Also present at the enthronement, were representatives from the Ukrainian political establishment: The President Petro Poroshenko with wife, the leader of “Bat’kivshchina”, Yulia Tymoshenko. the Minister of Defence, Stepan Poltorak and others.


The so called Patriarch of All Rus-Ukraine (or Ukraine-Rus, I can’t remember now), now “Honorary Patriarch”, Filaret Denisenko has not been present at the enthronement. Looks like Poroshenko and Bartholomew ditched this wannabe Patriarch in their Church designs, and he will live out the rest of his days as nobody.

I have written about the limited recognition of the new structure created by the Ecumenical Patriarch at the behest of Poroshenko before. The Ecumenical Patriarch was likely forced into recognising the new structure by the Americans, who are waging a propaganda war against Russia. All the pundits have presented the creation of this new structure as Russia’s defeat.

We truly a have a trinity (or perhaps a naughty trio). Murica is the father, Poroshenko is the son (of a…), and Bartholomew is the Holy Ghost that animates the whole thing.

Newly-formed Orthodox Church in Ukraine was Recognised by Uniates and the LGBT

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Not a single one of local Orthodox Churches has sent her greetings to the “unifying council”, and the Orthodox Church in Ukraine (OCU) that was formed there. Meanwhile, as the journalists from Fraza found out, the OCU was recognised by the US State Department, the LGBT community, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (what I call “Uniates“). The Vatican has at first recognised the Church but then refused to recognise it.

Expert on religions, Alexandr Voznesensky wrote that the LGBT community recommends the newly-formed “unified Church” under the leadership of Epiphanius. The expert added: “This is what I understand as World recognition. After this, recognition of local Churches is not needed.”

Anatoly Shariy (red underscored text above): The LGBT community have greeted Ukraine with the unifying council. Rebecca Harms (German EMP) retweeted, what an ecstasy.

TASS reports that in the opinion of the Deputy Spokesperson under the leadership of the 70th Secretary of State, Mark Pompeo, Robert Palladino, “the creation of this Church is a historic event for Ukraine.” He greeted, in the name of United States, the head of OCU, “metropolitan” Epiphanius with being elected. 48366708_1941863119195296_3816984762199834624_n.jpg

Today (the article was published on 18 of December 2018), the press secretary of OCU, Eustratius (Zorya) announced that a report, which has appeared on the Vatican website, which spoke about the election of Epiphanius, de facto means the Pope has recognised has recognised the Church. He wrote: “It is de facto a sign, that in accordance with the order of  the ecumenical dialogue with the Orthodox Churches, by the power of the canonical recognition by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of the Ukrainian Church and her Metropolitan, this Church acquired subjectness in the eyes of Rome.”

However, Zorya’s joy was premature. As it turned out, Vatican’s official portal did not recognise Epiphanius. This was announced on 18 December at the directorate of the Holy See’s press service.

The head of Ukrainian Greek Catholics (UGCC), Svyatoslav also sent greetings to supporters of the OCU in connection with the “unification council” and the election of a new representative. This was announced by the head of the pastoral service in Ukraine’s penitentiary system of the Patriarchal curia of the UGCC, Konstantin Pateley, on his Facebook page.

Poroshenko et al. rub Shoulders with a Nazi Leader in Istanbul

Poroshenko seems to not mind posing with Nazis, and so he doesn’t have a problem rubbing shoulders with them in a church. That’s because the post-Maidan regime actively encourages Naziism… 

The post-Maidan regime, with a silent support of its Western backers, promotes historical revisionism, and Nazi collaborators, and uses contemporary fans of Hitler as a force to harass the genuine opposition. A white version of the tonton macoutes of Papa Doc Duvalier in Haiti.

The C14 is Ukrainian neo-nazi gang likely named after the British C18, an abbreviation meaning: “Combat”, and the number 18 stands for the first and the eighth letter of the alphabet, the initials of Adolf Hitler. Number 14 is a no less significant cypher in the neo-nazi scene, and it stands for the 14 words of the late American neo-nazi terrorist David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Evhen “Zheka” Karas’ is the leader of C14, probably by virtue of being the tallest and strongest of his gang of troglodytes. Below you can see a video of his gang attacking the defence lawyer of Vasyl’ Muravitsky, a journalist from Zhytomyr, who is being tried for treason. Apparently he did not love the Maidan enough in his publications. But he also wrote about local mafia which illegally mines amber and this may have irked some authorities even more.

In any normal country, Zheka and his gang would be sitting in jail now awaiting a trial for disrupting the court, and perhaps other offences. But this is post-Maidan Ukraine, and Zheka likely has powerful friends. On the photo below is he in Istanbul at the ceremony of Ukraine becoming a metropolia of the Ecumenical Patriarchate right next to Lutsenko and Poroshenko.


Filaret Awards a CIA Veteran

I have not touched the religious topic on this blog yet. I was waiting for some interesting news, and this perhaps is it. reports…

Patriarch Filaret awarded an order to the former deputy director of CIA Devine for [his] support for Ukrainian independence and the formation of the Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

His Holiness Patriarch of Kiev and All Rus-Ukraine, Filaret has met with the former deputy director of the CIA Jack Devine.

During their meeting, Jack Devine expressed his sincere delight at the level of support for the idea of Ukraine receiving a Tomos of Autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

He also remarked on the exceptional role of the Kievan Patriarch Filaret in his almost 30 years struggle for the formation of a Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church that is independent from Russia, and commended Filaret for defending the rights of Christians in front of the atheistic Soviet government.

Patriarch Filaret thanked Jack Devine for the help United States provides to Ukraine regarding the matters of Ukrainian independence and the formation of a Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Following the presentation of the President of the Council of the “Ukraine the 21st Century” Fund, Bohdan Hubsky and a member of the Council of the Fund, Pavlo Yaroshenko, the Head of the Kiev Patriarchate awarded Jack Devine with the order of St. Andrew the First Called.



“Azov” Nazis Erected an Idol of Veles

In one of the villages of the Chernigov region Ukrainian Nazis, militants from the punitive “Azov” battalion, established a pagan “place of power” and also installed a wooden idol for the purpose of carrying out ceremonies there. This was reported by the head of the Kiev branch of the radical National Corpus organisation, which was founded on the basis of the neo-Nazi “Azov” regiment, Sergey Filimonov on his Facebook page.

Screenshot 2018-11-12 at 15.46.06.png
“An idol of Veles which we have, together with friends set up in the village of Kachanovka. [It is] a place of power with incredible nature and very hospitable people. The perfect place for agro-tourism.”
Reprinted from Stalker