Render Onto Caesar

When nationalism is more important than the Bible…

Turns out there actually is a Kiev Patriarchate Church in Crimea. And it is in trouble because Muh Ukraine! Basically, it would need to register with the Russian authorities to function, or else it will be closed.

This was reported by Krym.Realii, a website of the RFE/RL, US funded propaganda. Just for your information, the RFE/RL also has Sibir.Realii, and Kavkaz.Realii. And perhaps other such properties aimed at Russia’s “ukraines”, that is outskirts. Imagine if Russia Today had websites named: “Texas.Reality, Cali.Reality, Hawaii. Reality…” in English and Spanish? Muricans would flip out of their skin…

But I digress, the Kiev Patriarchate, now the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, in Crimea does not recognise the authority of the Russians because they are a bunch of stuck up Ukrainian nationalists, who will soon be sent packing over to the Kherson region.

They should follow Jesus and render onto Ceasar what is Caesar’s. Be more like Jesus, not like Bandera, and everything will be good…

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