You will burn in Hell if you vote for Zelensky


Translated from Antikor:

Protoiereus of the Orthodox Church, Petro Zinich said that all those people, who voted for Volodymyr Zelensky will burn in Hell. 

This is what the cleric wrote in a commentary he made on Facebook.

The publication of a user, Yuri Doroshenko, concerned the second round of presidential elections.

“I would like to remind those who love colour green, that the Russian plague began with green men.” -Doroshenko wrote. (The rant is a pun upon Zelensky’s name, which contains the root “zelen” -green)


The Protoierus of OCU, who serves in St. Volodymyr church in Kiev, wrote a sensational announcement in response.

“Everyone, who votes for that clown Zelensky, will burn in Hell.” He ended his diatribe by: “Amen and Glory to God!”

To which Yuri Doroshenko answered: “word of a true pastor, who testifies the truth.”

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