A Facebook Friend of mine got Blocked for a 2014 Post

I translate:

The situation with mobilisation -I just spoke with a relative on the phone. He told me there are raids in Kharkov -the draftees are being mobilised out of shops and beaches. However, that’s not all. When you are dragged into the recruitment office, you are being offered to sign a document that you are a volunteer, and arrived there [voluntarily], and are ready to suffer all the miseries of the military service. (that is to be all in shite, in tents with holes, without food and ammo) If you refuse, you get smacked. Just like in the police station. The other option is 10 thousand hrn. that is a one time free card, they will let you go for now, and next time everything starts anew. Once again, the vast majority of supporters of the Maidan out of the “creative class” have documents relieving them of military service, and they are not rushing to join as volunteers. Another info from a man from Lugansk, who relocated his family to Crimea. Day before yesterday he took the grandsons. The U#rs have taken all young men off the train. He wasn’t grabbed (he’s 56) but was told to prepare. Soon they will grab the elderly too. Glory to Ukraine, FUCK!
My friend was likely banned over calling Ukrainians “Ukrs”. His comment was likely found using a bot that sifts through posts. But who gave the order to find such comments were likely Facebook employees in Lvov.

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