Cucked Ukrainian Soldiers

I uploaded the above video to YouTube. Found it on Twitter. It speaks of a phenomenon that has reported since the start of the Russian operation in Ukraine. And that is, Ukrainian women are cucking their men. I have literally seen memes that featured KIA Ukrainian soldiers on one side, and Tinder profiles of Ukrainian women in EU countries. Later on, the speaker of the former president of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman, Jiří Ovčáček found himself a Ukrainian single mother. Which kinda illustrates what is happening in the video.

The therapist in this video is dismayed and asks what happened to [modern] women. I guess he is one of those that thinks girls are all sugar and spice. They are not, and I have already touched on this topic here that modern women will leave you at the first sing of trouble. Lost your job, got ill? The honey is out of the door, and you can do shit about it. Modern women cannot be helped and shouldn’t be helped. If you get dumped by modern woman, the best thing is you can go do something like enjoy the peace.

Another problem I see is that men’s standards for women are extremely low. As long as it has a pussy and looks like human female, it is good to go. But I will tell you, the vast majority of women are not marriage material, and not worth associating with. Especially not single mothers, and monkeybranchers, that is women that have swung from one man to another. If she betrayed the next guy, she will betray you.

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