Car Show Attendees in Kiev Drafted to Die Fighting Russians

The Ukrainian draft officers have stormed a meet up of muscle cars lovers in Kiev, below is a Czech report a friend posted on Facebook. They say it is a place frequented by young men who can hold a machine gun just like they hold a wheal.

Tough luck…

4 thoughts on “Car Show Attendees in Kiev Drafted to Die Fighting Russians

  1. They’re getting desperate, from the looks of things. Kiev can act like they’re still holding Artyomovsk and keeping up with the “suffering heavy casualties but still doing well” narrative. However, it’s only a matter of times until all of Artyomovsk is liberated. The biggest question here, is that after all of that, does Kiev still have enough manpower and/or firepower to do another such feat in another city? More aids? More Redditor mercenaries? More “volunteers”? 14 year olds and 80 year olds on the battlefield? Meanwhile, Russia can make Ukraine go green again by taking down all the powerplants if Putin wants to.

    I’d say after this one, cities will fall faster. Zelensky may had miscalculated everything. Yeah true, it may seems that Ukraine is giving Russia a bloody nose – at least that’s what Western media seems to be highlighting. But what he failed to realize, is the more combat capable troops among Ukrainian military are getting killed off en masse in Artyomovsk. He may try to pull the same trick again in let’s say, Avdeevka, but does he even have what it takes to pull it off again?

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    1. I don’t think Zelensky knows how to count. He was led into it by the West, who wants a conflict with Russia but does not wanna get its hands dirty, so they use Ukrainians. My fear is that given the level of this cynicism, they may tap into other sources of cannon fodder, like the Polish.

      They are promising a counter offensive that should make Ukraine reconquer lost territories. We will see what they come up with…

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      1. Yeah, they’re talking about the counteroffensive for a while now. However, I think Russia is applying pressure to Ukrainian positions through airstrikes to slow it down. If Zelensky can even make that happen, then it may take place in May or June. Another scenario would be Zelensky finally get his reality check and under such circumstance, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got his ass couped – it may be a bad news though, as this time he may get replaced by someone who actually knows what the fuck he’s doing, and Russia may still win, albeit at a really high casualties rates.

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      2. I don’t think Ukraine has sane forces that know what’s up and can gather the resources to take the reins of power. I mean, there are sensible people but they are either in Russia now, or in some SBU dungeon. Russia will employ those as administrators once they are done with the nutcases and thieves. I am not sure about the coup against Zelensky as it seems he has pretty much destroyed any opposition to himself. Probably with the help of Western secret services, and to the West he is a good client, who does everything he is told. I am of the opinion, that Russia must win, no matter the cost and reformat Ukraine from the ground up, so it never threatens Russia again.

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