Men Would Probably be Happier Without Modern Women

Remaining single is not a bad deal for men…

How many times have you seen this situation. A man has a career, or has a business, and the money is flowing in, and the girls all stick to his ass knowing that you are a good simp. But then comes a downturn. You may lose your lucrative job, and have a hard time finding another. You may experience a loss of business because of some pestilence in the air. You might just wanna take it easy. Bottom line is you are bringing in less cash.

The honey you were with is not happy, your life is not happy. She files for divorce because that’s what modern marriage is about. Enjoy paying alimony, child support, losing the roof over your head, and to spice things up a little domestic violence accusation. Times like these will make a man dose himself with gasoline and self immolate. Some already did…

But dude, you are just a bitter incel that cannot get laid! Well, even if this was true, how am I worst off than the dudes described above? I have seen the type of dude that can get the girls. There was this hunk on Rich Cooper’s YouTube channel going through some coaching. And he was handsome, looked like Jason Momoa’s younger brother. He said he works as a bouncer in a night club and that means he has a good access to young pussy. He said these girls use him for sex and then they ghost him. He was clearly yearning for a long term relationship that he couldn’t get out of these women.

To which Rich Cooper responded with his normie shit which went something like… derp derp, girls this age (late teens, early twenties) only want to have fun, derp derp you should date older women that have been through so much dick it humbled them. Be a loser like Rich Cooper and date single mothers.

But I digress. Simply put, getting laid is overrated. By the way, think of the many sexless marriages. In fact, as the social climate hardens against men, getting laid might earn you a false rape allegation. You can’t win with modern women even if you are a super attractive dude. Just think Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, or Tom Brady. Not to mention, your regular club slag can be riddled with STDs.

But dude, not all women are like that! Sure they aren’t but a large chunk of them, maybe even a majority are. And women saying that usually are like that. But all of this is irrelevant. Women that are not like that can easily become like that because the gynocentric system allows and encourages them to be like that. So your best course of action is ignoring them. You don’t owe the modern female anything, definitely not your time and resources.

And if you can’t help your urges, smash and dash…

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