NAFO are Soycucks and Fat Chicks

Next Sunday in front of the Museum in Prague, we want to show support for Ukraine. NAFO will be there too.

The above is a photo of a counter demonstration that gathers every Sunday on Wenceslas Square in central Prague. They are protesting a demonstration that regularly fils the entire square below of people concerned with the cost of living crisis. And while the people that occupy the square carry mostly Czech flags, the counter protestors around the museum carry the flags of Ukraine, the EU, and NATO. Ukrainian flag also hangs on the museum. It is surreal.

All I see are flags of the Czech lands, that is the national flag, and flags featuring the coat of arms of Moravia and Silesia.

And the NAFO dorks are usually soyboys and post-wall fat women. For some reason, they think that the people concerned with creeping impoverishment of the middle class are pro-Russian.

Ukraine by the way has a peculiar, cargo cult relationship with NATO.

Ukraine considers itself a member of NATO, even if it isn’t accepted into the alliance…

I consider Ukraine to be a member…

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