Broke Ass Hoes on OnlyFans

The YouTuber Lauren Chen posted this video on the topic of OnlyFans and the media campaign promoting successful content creators on that site…

There has been a rise in mainstream media articles about how this hoe or that hoe makes shit loads of money showing her assets to horny simps on OnlyFans. Lauren actually posted several examples of this…

New York Post and the Business Insider were the biggest offenders but I recall some British tabloids also ran stories to this effect… I have posted some on Facebook, where I am subscribed to all these sites because I am fascinated by the simp economy. I am amazed there are so many weak men out there who part with their money for women that do not even acknowledge their worm like existence…

Later into the video, Lauren mentions an article in Evie magazine, which breaks down the math behind being on OnlyFans. And it appears that most of the hoes are broke.

It seems that the simps discriminate between the hoes they give their money too. And you have to constantly produce content to harvest the simp bucks, so this is not a passive income. Imagine showing you hoohaa on OnlyFans and making a pittance for it?

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