Globopedo is Why Russia Needs to Win

My favourite blog Peremogi on Livejournal has two posts today…

The first is about a school in Warrington, UK, where the young children are exposed to homosexual relationships in the classroom.

And the other one is about a Disney+ animated series about gay dinosaurs. Two male t-rexes sit on stones instead of eggs to mimic what a heterosexual couple would do. This is an animated film for pre-school children. I think Netflix had something similar about a non-binary bison but they pulled it off…

Both links include videos in English…

Gay T-Rex found on Telegram

In other news, I hear there are transvestite activists coming to school and exposing their genital to kiddies. For education purposes of course. I am so sad Russia wants to deprive the Ukrainian children of such joy.

3 thoughts on “Globopedo is Why Russia Needs to Win

  1. Russia actually is one of the best when it comes to raising children. None of that pressure cooker bullshit and the rampant hierarchy, competition and the resulting bullying and inferiority complex like East Asia; nor the Western massive allowance and that double standard bullshit… Big city white children, especially girls, are meant to be spoiled; Asians are doormats and cash cows; thuggish black and Latino teens are basically saints. Whatever Russia got, it seems to do the right job. However, based on what I was told, we should enjoy it while it lasts as current Russian education is beginning to Westernize itself.

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