Sour Grapes Over Russian-Chinese Rapprochement

Western propaganda claims Russia is being enslaved by China…

The above is from Forum, a weekly, Czech, pro-government, pro-globopedo newspaper. And quite frankly, you will not read anything about the quality of the Russo-Chinese relationship there. The newspaper wants to make the impression that Russia is being subjugated by China. You may have seen pro-globopedo trolls argue as such.

And it is not hard to make such a claim because China is more populous and economically stronger than Russia. But without knowing much about the Russo-Chinese relationship, I cannot but think that the Western hacks are projecting. Because subservient and subjugated Russia is what the West wants. The policy of the West is always to force Russia to join whatever the current Western project is, and to exist within that project as a second class country, which does not enjoy the full rights in trade and finance.

So, what is actually better for Russia? A subservient relationship with China or a subservient relationship with the West? China at least does not seek to export its ideology to Russia, and does not impose sanctions on the latter either. Both countries can actually help each other in many fields, and this makes the Western pedophiles afraid. Two high tech superpowers that do not accept liberalism, and anal sex will make the decrepit West irrelevant.

Does China Need the West?

A lot people think China will be careful in its dealing with Russia because it needs trade with the West. Perhaps, but can’t Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America replace the West as customer? And isn’t actually the West that needs cheap Chinese goods to keep its population content? And what makes anybody think China wants to remain a producer of cheap shit forever? Once they have reached a certain level of development, they can no longer rely on manufacturing edge provided by cheap workforce.

One thought on “Sour Grapes Over Russian-Chinese Rapprochement

  1. The argument from Forum is actually quite common among some former Trump supporters. The problem with Trump supporters, is that they don’t know what Trump actually wants. Basically, Trump’s original proposal was to have US run like a unionized company with a dose a isolationism – let the world sorts its own shit out as long as US interests is not getting fucked over. On the long run, it may lead to some issues, but there may be some short term gains for US. However, such stance have been twisted over and over again by both liberals and conservatives. For conservatives, they just want US to focus more on China while milking money from the surrounding East Asian countries and may approve Trump for some superficial praises to Putin. For liberals, they just keep misinterpreting it as “Trump loves Russia”. And for Trump himself, he went along with conservatives and allow himself to be what the conservatives want him to be…it’s politics after all, and politic is always more than just some outlook on things, as you have to care about your own position not getting fucked over.

    Does China need the West? Depends on what’s your definition of China. The Chinese upper-middle class absolutely adore the West. Saying something they own is from US or Europe is almost like giving them super power. They may make really cheesy attempt at absorbing what they perceive to be Western, as they don’t know a jack shit about Western society at all (I remember I’ve mentioned it on Zhihu on one occasion, that the fact they use that awkward AF methods to “discipline” their kids “for the kids’ future”, and how some of them don’t even shave their pussies, are the indicator of them knowing nothing about Western world). However, does China need the West to survive? If them boys in Beijing are crafty enough and the CEO of those Chinese corporations learn to grow a pairs instead of just trying to line up their pockets, then China gets to say “to hell with the West” proudly. Good news is that the boys in Beijing seem to have their direction right on this one at least – I may argue about tactics…keeping up with territorial disputes vs a vast union consists of reformed East Asian countries where the rejects and “losers” run the show and kicking US globopedo bullshit and all those bases out of East Asia; temper flaring over bullshit and economic expansion vs a real digging into the societies of East Asia and exporting revolutions that may help the Asian rejects; Asian rejects should become the true ruler of East Asia, not the “well-performed” ass clowns within mainstream Asian societies…I may be arguing over things like that, but not overall direction such as “China should keep depending on the West and need to fix relationship” or “China should adapt representative democracy” (ironically, those tend to be from the ‘well performed” middle and upper-middle class across China and other parts of East Asia, with their asses and God knows which part of their bodies beaten more than a freshly formed, uncooked Salisbury steak… worshipping the master schemer behind their daily torment, how classical…poetic and almost kinky in some ways when you view them from another angle). However, the West, at least the big corporations, definitely want to take advantage of Chinese and other East Asian middle class’ ignorance and perhaps that emotional deprivation. The right wing wants non-Chinese East Asians while the mainstream corporations want Chinese. At the end of the day, it’s all about securing market as they can’t generate anything that’s adequate to contemporary Westerners’ needs – hey they have Tinder, OnlyFan, DeviantArt, Pinterest and other similar stuffs that dedicate to thots and neckbeards, but that’s about it. Then again, as I’ve indicated, it’s not even like the Western elites and corporations even want to come up with something to satisfy domestic market, as Western middle class is a subject waited to be eliminated.

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