British Authorities at High Alert Over Neonazis Travelling to Ukraine

But we were told Neonazis in Ukraine are a Russian propaganda narrative…

From The Guardian:

British authorities are worried that the current threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine may attract far-right extremists from the UK, who could travel to the country seeking weapons training and military experience.

Counter-terrorism police were positioned at the departure gates of at least one main British airport this week, where they quizzed travellers flying to Ukraine about their identity and reasons for travel.

The checks came after at least half a dozen known neo-Nazis travelled to Ukraine from the US and a European country this week, security sources said.

I think I said it before, Ukraine is like Afghanistan, only with Neonazis. The Western governments are worried about blowback. Give Ukraine more Stingers, and Javelins, that will do the trick.

Klimkin Says Blacklisting the Azov Battalion as Terrorists Would Play Into Russian Hands

Because remember folks, there aren’t any Nazis in Ukraine, it’s all Putin’s disinformation…

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Pavlo Klimkin said Ukraine ought to react to the initiative of US Congressmen to designate the Azov battalion as a terrorist organisation, as this may effect all defenders of Ukraine, and the presence of a terrorist group among the armed forces could be exploited by Russia.

Earlier, 39 (although I heard 49 in an RFE/RL report just now) members of the congress signed a letter prepared by the New York Congressman, Mark Rose (GOP).