How Many Women do You Have to Date Before You Meet the Right One?

The answer to the above does not exist but watch the video below…

The star of the above video went on a date with 100 women. Whenever I hear such a staggering number from a guy, my initial thought is. “He isn’t very choosy about the women he dates.” There are probably plenty of single mothers and other train-wrecks in the bunch. Yours truly has no time for this shit.

And to achieve that number, you probably need to live in a metropolitan area, and dedicate your entire life to dating women. And if after dozens of dates you do not find anything serious and worth while, what’s the point of doing this?

I Think People Have Gotten The Whole Relationship Game Wrong

Guys, I feel like I am at a peak of my earning potential, i’m 39. This year I received a 3 year contract for work in local castle as a guide and in the depository. I was just translating a text about historical floors yesterday, this is totally my forte, I speak three languages, and am a history buff. I was elected into the municipal council, and I will finally be opening my airBNB apartment. My bank accounts are literally filling up, because I have large savings in the UK, together with my property portfolio in London. I am truly a late bloomer.

All I do is win!

However, women are only after my money and looks, my expensive Italian cloths. I meet these party girls that only want the coitus, and the cash. And you can’t wife that up. I know of two girls interested in me, and one of them is cute in the face but obese as a pig, and the other one is this timid girl that is not very pretty. And so I decided to save up for a surrogate mother. My last fling that still actually chases me, did not want any children, and she recently got tattoos everywhere, her daddy died last year.

Tattoos are a sign of low character, and I can’t make this girl into arm piece. Something ells me to done my best outfit and raid the clubs more of these arm pieces. I love nothing more than walking on the street with a girl that turns head, and makes both the and women envy me, I can also try going to clubs down and pull some party chicks for a smash and dash, this will be fun. Last time I did this was at the age of 16. Maybe I’ll also get a Tinder just for the fun of.

Really guys, a wife material is a woman that can cook, who will clean your crib, is not a party girl, is smart, respectful, and loyal. Good luck finding something like that. I’d rather bang some long legged blond bimbo with big tits.


And here we come to the crucks of the problem. Monogamy, relationships, dating were made for a different time and are promoting the illusion of marriage and happily ever after. The World has changed, women eat hormones that prevent them getting pregnant. People no longer treat sex as something shameful, in fact the reverse.

Hook up culture is the natural state of the human species

The statistics (both from genetic research and from dating apps) show that women only pick a select few men, this leaves many blokes in the dust. Women would rather just fuck around, there are very few marriage oriented women, and marriage and cohabitation is risky. Women are very volatile. This has always been the case. I propose a getter system, where the women are simply ignored and they need to come into a man’s life with full package, is feminine, cooks, cleans, is family oriented.

But there are ways around it. Want an heir like me, contact s surrogate mother. The latter women have figured it out. Women of the past had like 16 or even more kids. So why not make money popping up kids? This will save me the trouble of dealing with women beyond smash and dash, and my wanting of heirs to my estate.

Modern confusions, and frustrations, need modern solutions.

Men Avoid Women After Me Too

You can’t make this piece of doom porn up:

CV data shows that fewer women academics are collaborating with men

A new paper has found that the #MeToo movement has caused a significant decline in the productivity of women academics because fewer are collaborating with their male colleagues. This fall is most acute in universities “where the perceived risk of sexual harassment accusations for men is high”, resulting in a chilling effect on cross-sex collaboration. 

Using CV data to track collaborations between economists over six years around #MeToo (2015-2020), researcher Marina Gertsberg discovered that junior female academics started 0.7 fewer projects per year than before. 60% of this decline can be attributed to a decrease in collaborations with new male co-authors, which broadly correlates with a reduction in growth of the co-author network.


You should never approach girls that are not interested in you. Many women view guys as disgusting creeps and reward only a select few with sex. The girls show a general interest in hot guys, they salivate over them. They will give you the box on the first date. Not every girl will find you attractive. But if you are moderately good looking you can smash them.

Support other males by not having sex with fat girls and ugly mingers. Only beautiful lovely maidens deserve your dick, he will thank you.

Men on Rotation, the Gaggle

So I discovered the above publication, below I quote from its description on Amazon:

The Gaggle captures the zeitgeist of today’s “post-dating” world, where the rules for sex, dating, and relationships have completely changed. Instead of dating, women collect a “gaggle” of men who orbit around them, occupying both romantic and platonic roles, but ultimately revealing who and what they want.

The gaggle is the group of guys in your life who play different roles, fulfill different needs, and help you figure out who you are, what you want, and what kind of relationship you ultimately desire. Though no two gaggles are alike, there are 10 types of men a gaggle might include, such as the Ex-Boyfriend Who’s Still Around, the Ego Booster, the Hot Sex Prospect, and the Boyfriend Prospect. Romance, excitement, self-discovery, love… all this will be yours, once you stop stressing about dates, labels, and expectations and start thinking of each man you know and meet as a potential guy in your gaggle.

Men should know that their romantic prospects may not see them as their boyfriend but only as a guy she currently offers her ass to, or even worse, does not offer anything and only manipulates his desire to weasel out goodies…

Women these days have shit for brains thanks to publications such as the above. And unfortunately, encouraging such behavior will lead to many lonely women and bitter men that will treat women like shit. (But sometimes I think the latter is what women want)

The alpha Chad that gets the sex does not get a relationship, the average dude scrapes the bottom of the barrel, and vast swaths of men don’t get any action at all. And I speak of the sexual side only.

There is a growing contingent of men that have checked out completely from dating. They don’t bother approaching women, swiping on Tinder, or socializing. The juice is not worth the squeeze.

In fact, you are reduced to a guy that bangs her at that specific time, that is if you don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into serving the queen like a drone, without ever getting any.