Men Avoid Women After Me Too

You can’t make this piece of doom porn up:

CV data shows that fewer women academics are collaborating with men

A new paper has found that the #MeToo movement has caused a significant decline in the productivity of women academics because fewer are collaborating with their male colleagues. This fall is most acute in universities “where the perceived risk of sexual harassment accusations for men is high”, resulting in a chilling effect on cross-sex collaboration. 

Using CV data to track collaborations between economists over six years around #MeToo (2015-2020), researcher Marina Gertsberg discovered that junior female academics started 0.7 fewer projects per year than before. 60% of this decline can be attributed to a decrease in collaborations with new male co-authors, which broadly correlates with a reduction in growth of the co-author network.


You should never approach girls that are not interested in you. Many women view guys as disgusting creeps and reward only a select few with sex. The girls show a general interest in hot guys, they salivate over them. They will give you the box on the first date. Not every girl will find you attractive. But if you are moderately good looking you can smash them.

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One thought on “Men Avoid Women After Me Too

  1. Men Avoid Women After Me Too…I think I was talking about that shit back in last year on Fuckbook (Zucc had to remove my post back then though), during that Stop Asian Hate bullshit. I was talking about it after a Japanese friend of mine sent me a video of some fat ass Asian dude got jumped by three black bitches in a gas station and had to have the gas station employee bail his sorry ass out. At first, I talked about how big of a pathetic simp that fat fuck was and how if I was there, I’d whoop his fat ass myself and two other black bitches and I’ll keep the one wearing fuck-me skirt for some one-night fun (I’ve always into thighs and feet and of course, tickling). Then I used that as opportunity to bring up the effect of MeToo, ranged from what you’ve just talked about…men starting to avoid women, using an article from Guardian that also talked about it as reference. I’ve also talked this other phenomenon I’ve observed: them gangs in the hood began to enlist hood rat bitches to do their works more and more, ever since MeToo became big. Really, that gangsta shit used to be mostly dudes, but now it’s mostly hood rat bitches do that shit. I guess from gang’s perspective, having females put in works = easier to get away with laws, as the police will be labeled as sexist if they try to arrest them. Most men afraid to hit back too.

    This MeToo have way deeper impact than just sex related shit, something to know about. Solution? Well, men just need to stop giving women any easy time. They keep going about that bullshit, we’ll just keep giving them hard time. And like you said, stop viewing the violent bitches as “hot”. I’ve seen some alpha simps (you can be one macho mother fucker and still simp at the same time), who always praise women who shows physical violence and talk about how hot they look when they make that kick. Men need to stop doing that, so women knows that by engaging in antisocial activity will not get them laid for one bit.


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