Banker Hoes Can’t Find Bros to Date


So this is an article I found recently, and it was written by Sarah Butcher, a woman. And the problem is within the title already. Most women are average at best, as Kevin Samuels used to say. Women cannot be the judges of female beauty.

This woman thinks she is a perfect 10

But there is always a lonely simp out there who will call you beautiful. And there lies the crux of the whole problem. These women do not want these pathetic weasel men.

One 20-something female analyst in NYC says young men in hedge funds find it “hot” when a woman is powerful and independent. “For a lot of men these days, this is the type they go for,” she claims. However, she acknowledges that she recently split with a guy who was too demanding of her time: “They were in asset management and their hours were on the softer side.”

But later in the article we read this…

However, the female analyst in NYC is less apologetic about her approach. “I want someone accepting of my priorities” she says. “I need someone who will understand the person that I want to become, who can see that I have expertise that will allow me to be valued in the finance industry. To me that’s happiness. I don’t want to be at home with the kids.”

And here comes the fundamental question of what men want from women, and the reality is they want the women to be mothers to beautiful children. Men don’t give a fuck about your career in the finance industry. They may nod in agreement, they might be happy if you bring in some cash and take them on holiday but they don’t give your trades in stocks and bonds a deeper thought. That’s not what they are with you for.

These women should ask themselves whether they want stocks, bonds, derivates, options and whatever the financial mumbo jumbo they are doing, or do they want a family? If the trades go well and the bonuses are good, they could probably afford a maid and a nanny. So it is not so scary, low class women have to juggle the kids and their Mc Donald’s job.

I would like to end this rant with a story from life. A friend of mine found himself a nice girl, she has a masters degree, I think she is an economist and works in one of the banks down town. Guess what my friend does? He is a lumberjack and auto mechanic. I doubt he is on her level intellectually but he is a crafty guy and handsome. So, there is no excuse for the banker hoes…

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