Rollo Tomassi Wants You to Cut Your Balls Off

High value men in the World of Rollo Tomassi are literally eunuchs…

Vasectomy is an intrusive operation that may or may not be reversed. This is what you need to stop you from impregnating the hoes… and somehow I do not understand why you need that if you eliminating all sedations and resist easing up on your focus. If you wanna be on the ball you cut out women from your life anyway.

This whole list appears very poorly contrived…

I find these guys advocating vasectomies to be weird. When Aaron Clarey did it I found it weird and creepy, and Aaron looks like he lives the bachelor kind of life and does not want any change. He always repeats that he does not want kids, and is a consistent anti-natalist. Rollo Tomassi, however, is married and has a daughter. Why fucking preach something you do not practice yourself?

Same goes for lifting, Rollo does not look like someone that lifts consistently. I have no issue with people lifting consistently, although if you are not an athlete that is training for a sport, I don’t see the point in breaking your ass in the gym. Find yourself some movement exercise to burn calories and build some muscles but take it easy. Also never lift for the girls, this is a siren call of the pussy and you will suffer needlessly.

Game does not exist, it is a packaged turd that shysters like Tomassi sell to insecure little boys that have no success with the women. You cannot learn to seduce women from books and blogs. Tomassi’s work actually repackages manosphere stuff that was out there 10 even 20 years ago. Don’t spend your money on assholes like Tomassi, invest it, build wealth.

3 thoughts on “Rollo Tomassi Wants You to Cut Your Balls Off

  1. Let me rewrite his list a bit.

    The key to become the high value men:

    1. Stop paying attention to what women say. The worst thing you can do, is to actually cater to, or in worse cases, rationalize what the spoiled women say and do. They don’t have priority right anyways. You don’t need to turn yourself into that anti-social, ghetto and overall nasty ass dude to get laid

    2. Be a man of your own. Think for yourself and know who are your friends and enemies. You know you fucked up when you use somebody else’s brain as your own.

    3. For the love of Jesus, cut the familial piety bullshit already! That is something invented to keep men under control and avoid letting Chad from causing too much damage to the publics. Chads will do their retarded ass Chad bullshit anyways, familial piety or not. By following the concept of familial piety, you’re actually preventing yourself from reaching your full potential.

    4. Be self-reliance and know who you associate with when it comes to finance. You don’t want anyone to pull your wallet strings. Real man controls his spending and income instead of letting somebody else to tell them what to do, who they should spend their money on.

    5. Keep yourself buff enough so you can defend yourself. I honestly don’t trust that male model style of muscles. Based on my experience, most of men who look like that are actually pretty big of a pussy. They lack the killer instinct to fight. What’s the use of having big, fancy looking muscles when you won’t use it to whoop asses? Know how to defend yourself if you wanna be buff, or otherwise just stay fit so you won’t have health related problems such as diabetes, stroke, heart problems, liver problems and other obesity related nice things.

    6. This actually relates to the first point. Ok, of you’re not aggressive, you’re not aggressive. I know many contemporary women want that aggressive, borderline psychopath type, but they’re the same type of women who end up living a miserable life, sitting in their apartment with 9 cats and whine about how all men are heartless assholes. By forcing yourself to be aggro, you’re putting yourself at risk of becoming target of others who view you as a competitor, and you gonna end up dating these women-children, whom gonna drive you nuts…or perhaps you two will drive each other nuts. It’s not worth it to force yourself to act in a way that ladies may like, and it’s straight up cringe if you force yourself to be an asshole just to get laid.

    I have way more depth than Rollo don’t you think?

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