Women are Freezing Their Eggs, Men Blamed

Motherhood on Ice is a new book by Marcia C. Inhorn…

And she blames men for women freezing their eggs because they cannot find suitable partners. An article by Miranda Bryant has been published in The Guardian, and it has become a target of jokes online.

Meanwhile, in academic circles, egg freezing was – and still is – often seen as a calculated act by women to hack their fertility by prolonging it through medical intervention, “as if this was something very intentional that women were doing in this kind of planned, almost feminist, narrative”, says Inhorn.

Have you noticed how there is an epidemic of people that are not confortable in their skin and want to cheat the biology. Brest implants and other plastic surgery operations have long been marketed to insecure women but these days we even have men undergoing surgery to make themselves higher, and internet freekazoids suggesting men vasectomy to prevent themselves from making some bitch pregnant, and paying child support. People need to get a grip and control over their own biology, they need to be comfortable in their skin.

More than 150 interviews later, her research – the largest anthropological study to date into why women freeze their eggs – concluded that it was men, not women, who were the problem.

It is the men, apparently… women cannot find a man, men blamed…

Inhorn’s research found that women freezing their eggs tended to be in their late 30s, successful high-earning professionals (in both the US and the UK, where it’s not usually covered by the NHS, it is prohibitively expensive for most) and primarily single. “They were one after another women who had been successful in their career and at the same time had been looking for a partner, but they just couldn’t find that reproductive partner.”

Freezing your eggs is prohibitively expensive and the women want an equally earning man. The latter are rare and do not want some 30 plus, career woman. They want a hot 20 year old.

Some women resorted to toning down their educational achievements on their dating app profiles to avoid putting men off, while others hired professionals to help them with their profiles.

Men, generally do not care about your education level. They care if you have a nice ass, and good pair of tits to play with. Some men could be concerned about you being high maintenance but those blokes care too much in my opinion.

While the women may have been socialised to believe they could have a career, a family and an equal relationship, she found the men had not necessarily been raised the same way.

Women have been told by feminists and simps that they can have it all. This is not the case, life is about making sacrifices if you want it all.

Then there were those who simply didn’t want to. “I learned the term ‘the Peter Pans’, you know the men who will never grow up. They may be educated men who have money and so forth, but they want to play around and have a lot of fun and may not partner at all, or may not partner well into their 40s and 50s,” she says.

These guys can have all the gold diggers in town, why should they settle for you? Especially in Anglo countries, where divorces are financially very damaging for men.

A lot of the people I went to graduate school with didn’t end up partnering, or they partnered in marriages that weren’t really very happy,”

I heard an interesting statistic that only 14% of marriages are actually happy.

7 thoughts on “Women are Freezing Their Eggs, Men Blamed

  1. One thing I do wanna say about these ridiculous man-blaming; men-blaming back in about a decade ago wasn’t nearly as bad as how it is now. You know why I said it? You see, from time to time, I like to read older articles and make comparison to today’s articles. The older articles seem to capture social phenomenon with way higher accuracy. The media and even the news commenters back then didn’t fear to say things as it is. For instance, here’s an example:


    It’s from back in 2012. Then as you can see, there was a commenter, Natalia, who said it as it is. She has rightly put how there are women who’re mental issue free who’re not like that and how most of those women who’re into “bad boys”, “tough guys” and cheer when they see their boys doing something harmful to themselves and to others may end up living a very miserable life, sitting in their apartment, lonely and wonder why “all men are assholes” (when it’s actually those type of women who keep chasing asshole and psychopath dicks due to them unable to grow up).

    Then I had a altercation on r/PurplePillDebate under my fake Taiwanese Reddit account and I was talking about the similar thing, except I went in deeper and I blame a lot of these on how many of today’s women were raised in the first place, which turned them into gigantic bitches with no sense of taste, class nor decency whatsoever and how that fuck-me shorts and skirts that expose half of their asses does not equal to taste nor class, no matter how cute nor sexy some men find it to be. I even went in further about how the shorter their bottom wears are, the bitchier their attitudes will be. This for some reason, managed to piss off some fellow MRA and had my comment downvoted. I guess the dude was a tradcon or something…you know, they insist on having their daughters whoring around and insist on believing that “they’re just being girls and they’ll grow out of it” when they don’t even allow their girls to grow up in the first place!

    Comparing the two instances, I’ve came to a conclusion: we got way too many sensitive ass, highly opinionated, Stuart Little ass mangina mother fuckers and itchy vagina ass bitches (probably had some Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki sauce stuck on her labia or some shit), who can’t handle anything real. Both camps want to view the world through the lenses of their own complexes, that’s the problem.

    At the end of the day, healthy, sane women who’re free of mental issues like Natalia simply have their voices buried by all the angry and childish yet highly vocal bitches, who began to set trends for the teenagers and 18-25 young women, so the young ones are getting dumb AF. Then you have the angry men and the conservatives (who, as you’ve said before, never managed to conserve shit), who believe they’re being truthful and even…spiritual…given how full of themselves they can be at times, when in fact it’s about 90 percent anger and aggression and only 10 percent rationality and problem-solving. I get it, they’re pissed. But their problem-solving ability fucking sucks! And the fact they go around lash out at everyone and talk about political issues they really know nothing about nor even properly researched will not help anything for one bit (their idea of research = listen to whichever conservative podcaster and use that as their brains. That shit’s lazy AF!).

    If you ask me, I believe the transformation began back in mid-2010s. Even though back in late 2000s and early 2010s shit was already really bad and yes, things such as Rubik’s Cube style race relationship and liberal’s wooing were definitely there (shits like that and me being on the receiving end of those shits were the reasons why I lost trust in US in the first place) but folks still had their rationality attached and still viewed people as……people, you know. Now, you simply can’t say a word without pissing off a camp and it’s sad, pathetic and tbf quite irritating at the same time.

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    1. Women that like the nasty fucker usually do not have a positive male role model at home. I once crashed a single mother’s forum and wrote something like: “you bitches couldn’t keep a man, and now you cry online.” To which I was told that they could not know the old geezer would do drugs instead of care for family. I personally know two single mothers and one dated some kinda psychopath, and the other one left a completely normal dude. It should not be society’s problem that women date immature psychos and cannot keep a man.

      Anyway, another problem I see is the blokes today are neutered by domineering bitches at home and don’t provide their daughters the upbringing they need. I work in this nineteenth century decorative castle that attracts families with kids, especially little girls. One time, in the castle gardens, halfwits organized a “day of princesses”. Princesses motherfucker! The traffic in the town has collapsed. I have never seen so many cars on the roads. Absolute mayhem. You understand that this princess shit had a wide appeal. Imagine these girls grow up thinking they are princesses, what are the blokes supposed to do?

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      1. On the domineering bitches part, are you familiar with Erin Pizzey? She was one of the big time feminist back in 60s and 70s and the founder of Refuge, the largest domestic violence shelter (as far as I know, such shit doesn’t even exist in US – well, as someone who’s just like Erin, who had experienced physical abuse when I was little, I would like to look into her works. I can see she means well but I honestly have some doubt about the effectiveness and based on today’s world situation, I do believe a complete systematic change of how we approach children upbringing and the concept of becoming independent adults will be the true game changer instead of just a large charity network. Another story. Either way, she had hopped off the camp and became one of the biggest critics of feminism.

        I first discovered Erin through a comment from an article about Peter Pan Syndrome among men. The commenter had said how most of Peter Pan Syndrome males tend to grew up under a domineering mother and a weak father, and how the mother usually prevents the sons (or perhaps in this case, even daughters) from growing up due to fear of losing them. He recommended Erin Pizzey’s books to everyone, where she had clearly described the phenomenon of domineering women playing victims to get what they want and how it’s actually the mothers who are often the perpetrator of child abuse. So in another word, mothers tend to create a highly complicated and highly damaging situation for their kids. The women with post-modernist mentality, or the so-called “strong women”, simply don’t make a good mother. The fathers who just leave the responsibility of childbearing to the mothers tend to raise some highly questionable characters.

        So the conclusion is that majority of modern-day women are no longer fit to be mothers. Which leads to the question: who were the trend setters who turned women this way in the first place? I mean throughout the Medieval Age all the way up to even 1800s, women could do it just fine. It’s wise for us to know the source so we can unfuck the parenting. If we can’t unfuck the situation that way, then we can go for another way; as I’ve been saying, just let the kids do it like an actual adult once they hit 14 and 15…how old is 15, really? The way I see it, fathers don’t wanna be at home and mothers can be that possessive psycho bitch, so why not just have the kids expose to that shit in the minimum dose? They get to break free early, learn to be responsible for themselves early and those might greatly reduce the effect of the completely dysfunctional mothers.

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      2. The problem is the kids lack experience, and it really depends on the milieu they fall into if they are raised into adults or not. The streets can’t raise good adults. We have this wave of dysfunctional people because the parents and the soyciety failed in their mission. The future will look like Cyberpunk crossed with anti-Trump college protest.

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  2. Actually, what you said reminded me of something I was told once when I was talking about how we should simply lower the age of being independent and owning lands to 14, on top of Jamahiriya. The guy was saying how all of those would only work if I assume nobody is lazy and everyone can learn quick; know who to learn from; can motivate themselves; knows how to avoid doing dumb shit and if they do, know how to avoid getting arrested. In another word, everyone is different and there are folks who simply won’t make it.

    But the way I see it? Instead of having everyone falls in line and be “disciplined” (a nice way to say mentally castrated) at the cost of ruining our chances of reaching our full potential, I’d have less problem at having some casualties and most of us “losers” get to achieve our full potential; to become the non-obedient matured adults with skills, who’re fool-proofed and capable of being responsible for ourselves. I’m actually ok with sacrifices a few who just can’t ditch their pacifiers. I mean when you really look at it, it’s actually the “winners and achievers” the soyciety produced and the “honorary slaves” (from them boyz in da hood to those hill billy meth heads type), are the ones who should fuck off. Look at what they’ve brought to us? Most of them shouldn’t enjoy half of the luxury they had, as they made it in life through undignifying themselves. Might as well as giving the ones who’re not doing well a chance as well as provide the would-be losers one too. The current social order will be gone and the ones who got fucked over by the trad social order that existed before this as well as the current ones will finally have a voice and political power of their own.

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    1. I agree sometimes people need to fail to make it later. Our society conditions us to think everyone matters. Sometimes the winners need to fail too.

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