Rad vs. Trad

This is not an original idea…

Radical feminism and traditionalism are two sides of the same coin that inform the soyciety’s attitude towards men. Radical feminism stands on the left, traditionalism stands on the right.

Radical feminism informs the legal practice in many countries. They are behind the no-fault divorce, Duluth model of domestic violence, me too, expanded definition of rape, me too. In this legal and discursive milieu, right-wingers are unable to come up with anything better than to tell the men to just man up and get married.

So let me get this straight, the right-wing hasn’t come up with anything new in the last 10 years, ever since I became interested in these issues. The right wing pushes this blue pill traditional marriage even though they must be aware that the soyciety is hostile to men, and increasingly more rewarding of bad behaviour in women.

This is the essence of what is known in the depths of the internet as the red pill. The red pill is not a cure. The red pill, like in the movie Matrix will show how deep the rabbit hole goes. The realisation that the reality you are presented, the reality that you are cajoled into by right-wing tossers is not the actual reality that has long been perverted by left-wing swine.

On a more light level this disconnect can be seen in the simple notion that men ought to pay on dates, while we celebrate strong and independent women that need no man. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying for a dinner date but for the last 6 years, the girls I invited for a dinner were girls I had sex with first. I am no sucker that pays for dinners and gets no box.

Remember, the majority of modern women are single use only. The longer you remain with them, the greater the peril, the greater the trouble…

3 thoughts on “Rad vs. Trad

  1. What you said has coincided with the phenomenon which I’ve been observing for a while now; that right-wingers often create the very same mess they bitch about all the time.

    The middle-class tradcons shelter their kids and spoil them materially while getting all possessive and micromanaging and everything in the name of “disciplinary” and “for the kids’ own good”, then they wonder why their sons turn into antifa or just plain addicts and/or gangsta wannabes, and their daughters turn into a complete hoe or thot.

    Then you have the lower-class hill billies and wignats who still try to treasure the women they love despite the fact that they probably can’t even afford the relationship to begin with, not to mention the obvious personality flaws of their women, more often than not. Then they got balls to bitch about them and sometimes get their asses handed to them through child support bills and that false-rape/false-abuse accusation bullshit.

    You can even find such attitude in their approach to non-sex related issues such as race relationship, geopolitics and even with the way how they handle their money. Your average right-wingers don’t bother to understand what they’re dealing with and only care about what they want out of a deal and the end result. Just like the shitlibs, they simply don’t understand the concept of “seeing how it actually works before they proceed”.

    Now you wonder why I begin to call them Alabama Gandhis, and the shitlibs…ok I change the term from Modern-Day Saints to the “Holy Pussy Juice Dispensers” and “Blood Sausage Eaters”.

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  2. Right wingers and nationalists, no matter if it’s the ones in US, Asia (both the Christcuck ones and Confucuck ones) or Europe, and even among those so-called populists, all need to understand one thing, that their shits are getting old. I think the world needs to hop off the existing superficial political topics, which are mostly distraction anyways and no matter which camp everyone is on…shitlibs, greens, socialists, conservatives, zealous types that base their shit on some thousand-year-old texts, fascists, far right populists…they don’t look at things from a socioeconomic perspective. Shits are a lot deeper than all the arguments and talking points from Blood Sausage Eaters and Alabama Gandhis, if you look at everything through the lenses of socioeconomic and even psychology and the basic concept of children upbringing and education, but neither the left nor the rights, nor even their alternative versions, will want to discuss any of that. My theory is that because at the end of the day, there’s no profits to be made and those who talk about that serve little to no strategic interests to the elites. Hate to sound like “conspiracy theorist”, but imo all the politicians you see on TV and Twitter, Instagram…etc, they won’t even be known unless the top dogs find some useful values in them…at this point, it’s usually a distraction in case if the top dog’s strategies are fucking up, or some corporal big money is getting paid…Biden, Macron, Scholz, Bojo…even those with controversies such as AOC, Trump, Le Pen, Thierry Baudet…all of them are there and get all Congressional/Parliamentary and all that, happen for a reason. But they don’t wanna tell you that.

    What we need, is something original and based on the ground realities rather than that ideological, holier-than-thou and race pimping/Tyron sausage eating bullshit from the left or that blame-shifting and playing victim bullshit from the right. Sick and tired of both sides by now tbh.


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