Modern Women are Not Marriage Material

And many will remain single and childless…

I took my first dose of red pill at the age of 12 at high school courtyard. I saw how the girls were all manipulative and conformist. I kept my guard up around women ever since.

And for some reason, any girl I dated only reinforced my negative opinion of them. It might be because of me but good girls don’t date me. And honestly, do I have to date dozens of them to find the right one, I can’t be bothered. Not to mention, the more modern women enter your life, the more you put yourself in danger of false accusations and similarly inconvenient experiences…

And today I have a strict vetting process in terms of women that I allow into my life. I have first formulated what I am looking for.

I want a girl that will bear me children. I have achieved wealth and status, and I am entitled to an heir.

But do the modern women qualify for this role? Maybe some do but not the women I date…

1) Modern women were not brought up to be mothers and wives. I have never met a girl that would cook me food, or make my crib better. These girls have bedrooms that are messier than mine. I have heard of modern simps that cook their madame food and clean the crib themselves, while their madame does fuck all. Honestly, if a woman refuses to do housework despite having all the modern appliances, she is lazy and deserves no love.

2) Many modern women think they are the prize but all they offer is a used up vagina. Every time I have sex with a modern woman, I feel a brotherly bond with all the bros that smashed before me. If this is all you offer, I am sorry, find yourself a simp that is willing to buy that. Many of these used up leftover women have very unrealistic demands on men because they have been smashed by so many.

3) Modern women have serious bonding issues. Because they have had so many sexual partners, they are unable to create a bond with a man, and be loyal to him. You are risking becoming a cuck with these women, and the Czech laws aren’t exactly the best when it comes to this.

4) Modern women are bad with money. When I heard how much my honey spends on having her hair done, I am glad I never started anything serious with her. These women have debts, and bad spending habits. They are a liability. I want one that would actually contribute financially to my household. I am notorious at creating sources of income and I expect the same from women.

5) As I mentioned, women are notoriously conformist, and I am a notoriously nonconformist. The latter helps me get laid but the former makes it difficult to trust women.

So naturally, I don’t want to marry any of these modern women. Smash and dash!

7 thoughts on “Modern Women are Not Marriage Material

  1. There’s no way in hell I’d make kids with any of these hoe ass bitches. Just one night is good enough…ok, some of them probably deserve a bondage session or two, with them being the sub of course. But that’s about it, honestly speaking!

    Now, as for single and childless part, I think they’ll hook up with Chads and Tyrones, especially Tyrones, or maybe a Chad from the trashiest trailer block within the whole county and probably a recovering meth or heroine addict. The funny thing here, is that it’s actually more of a middle to upper-middle class bitch thing. Broke ones tend to be gold digger who fuck over rich simps, and upper class ones care about presentation and won’t allow themselves to be that low. Middle class in the West may do that, but they have stricter parents who may pull that helicopter parenting bullshit and make it difficult for them to chase after lowlife dicks. It’s actually those upper-middle class ones who have been wearing fuck-me shorts at age of 7, who will end up becoming like that. Now for Asian, it’s actually middle-class ones who may do that – and they LOVE that anti-China democracy shit and pseudo-social justice warrior shit too. The upper-middle class ones are too ambitious and too conservative for that – they have their own issue, but as long as their tiger parents are around, they won’t dare to hook up with Chads nor Tyrones.

    At the end of the day, it’s usually dumb bitches with some moderate level cash who hook up with lowlife males with low standards. Then the drama unfold as both are bitching about each other and try to fuck each other over. Perhaps Idiocracy is becoming a reality, as the smart men and women with evolved brains don’t make kids that easily. I think it’s vital that we create a smart people hang out spot, so we get to avoid the dumb asses. Or we find a way to break certain questionable familial bounds, so kids get to develop their mental capacity and personality healthily and break free from all that trashy shit – the later ones though, may disturb the elites on the level that has never been seen before.

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    1. Idiocracy is becoming a reality. I see at my work. The kind of people that bring their kids over there do not look very smart, and the smart looking couples are usually without a kid.

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      1. The problem with dumb parents, is not that they’ll pass their stupid genes onto their kids and make kids stupid, but it’s about how a lot of them shouldn’t even have kids to begin with. Kids honestly deserve a bit better parents than them, who’re either pampering, neglecting or abusing their kids. In order to clean up the mess, the best way to go about it, is to allow kids to break free at an earlier age. I think it’s wise to allow kids to achieve sovereignty and financial independence at an earlier age. This may help them to develop a bit better, as they know what it takes. The promiscuous middle class teenage thots with zero brain power may even reduce along with the simps, both the alpha and beta ones, as they know the consequences of their actions.

        Dave Chappelle said it right: how old is 15? And now, in order to unfuck the situation and preventing unqualified parents to damage their kids further, we may just have to allow them more. Then again though, there’s this interesting phenomenon among the runaway children in China (it’s quite a serious social problem actually), where the kids face hardship on the streets and begin to develop guilt over the fact that they abandoned their parents. Some have it together and won’t affect them too much and they tend to last longer, but others tend to cry then went home and the circle starts again. This may be something we need to watch out for, if we want to allow kids to separate earlier.

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      2. People that take toddlers into the castle I work at should all collectively not have any kids. Yet, they do, and they feel entitled to take their kids into the castle. I had a dumb looking Ukrainian girl with like 3 kids and she could not control them. Makes me really angry when I see this…

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    1. They need to understand one thing; keep their legs closed, put on some pants and most importantly, act like a matured adult for once in their lives, then nobody will fuck with them.

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