Kodak the Simp

Here is a cardinal sin a man can do. His actions are motivated by the call of the pussy. I will teach you boys how to do shit. You never change for a girl. If she didn’t like an ugly guy with dreadlocks then, what makes you think that if you change your image, she will suddenly love you? Women like a spontaneous, original fucker that does not grovel before them, Leonardo di Caprio has a beer belly and still smashes models.

Now, I do not say grow a beer belly but if you are building a six pack, you should appear as a GI Joe in your next video clip, and not to impress some chick. The former will impress million chicks, and make you money. Women will only drain your money, and waste your efforts.

Simping is a sin, and call of the pussy is siren call better ignored…

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