Cope With Biology, Bitch!

Lauren Southern is pissed off some nasty men no longer think Emma Watson is hot…

I am not a conservative but I too want women to achieve their biological potential of becoming a mother and that is best achieved between 16-28 years of age. No amount of silicon in your face is gonna change this axiom. I mean if your goal is to continue banging Chad, Tyrone, Pookie and Ray Ray, hot girl summer, party girl, the hoe phase and being a little girl, that is your choice. Don’t complain you ran out of time. You can probably prolong your hoe phase by taking good care of yourself but your biological self will eventually catch up with you.

Teenage pregnancies are only frowned upon because of economic reasons. Geriatric pregnancies that most modern women are having get far less flack. And they should be getting blasted. I have heard of women having problems conceiving, about auto abortions, couples trying several times before conceiving. Not to mention the kids that come out of these pregnancies have a myriad of problems like they suffer from autism, Down syndrome, and other nice things. Couples fight over this shit and people are unhappy.

PS: Lauren Southern is also not a conservative. Note the feminism oozing out of her arse. I am not a conservative because I acknowledge that we live in a post-modern, post-feminism reality and there is no going back. There is only one road, a road to hell. You either adapt, or you will suffer! All contemporary conservatives have produced are fake blonds like Lauren, they haven’t preserved shit…

4 thoughts on “Cope With Biology, Bitch!

  1. You know what? I came to a realization about one thing: when you see those female right wing commenters, the chances are:

    1. They’re whoring themselves out to some random Bubba/wignats/Alabama Gandhi/whatever the fuck folks wanna call them. Such type of bitches can be found among left wing too. I mean, the thing here is that there are some rather sexually inactive males among both far left and far right. Basically, those type of dudes are just pseudo intellectuals who’re too desperate to think clearly when it comes to women-related subjects and topics – a bit off topic, but with a way easier access to internet compares to 2000s and even early 2010s, we gonna see more and more of such type. There are bitches who wanna take advantage of that.

    2. They’re feminists, just think about things in a bit more matured way. They actually take their own safety and financial interests into consideration. The average Chads and Tyrones don’t provide them the type of stability and comfort they want, at least that’s how it is according to their world views. They want men with money, who will protect them from thugs – both the hood ones and the trailer park ones, which means Tyrone/DeAndre/Jose/Ahmed/Bubba/Buck are all undesirable. They want a rich conservative who lives in a mansion, who will provide them with money, food, shelter, make ups, daily pedicure/full body massage/non-invasive cosmetic treatment bills and still allow them to play dragon lady at home.

    Either way, I’ve learned not to trust the female right wing commenters such as Lauren Southern, or the left wing version for that matter.

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    1. I do not think these women care about their man’s politics too deeply and I think the kind of guy they wanna get with is a jock with money. But jock is a Chad, and he does not commit. And when this strategy fails because they hit the wall, they just snatch up the first rich simp that gives them the time of day. If he is a turbo virgin, he is all yours, lady! Alpha fucks, beta bucks. Here is another such case but Lauren Southern is smarter than this chick.

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      1. Precisely. I don’t think they even believe in the politics they’re supposed to be into. They just take a side based upon some superficial reasons (for Lauren Southern’s case, it’s probably “conservatives are richer and more stable”). The right wing or left wing talking points are just tools for them to locate rich simps.

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      2. These girls are just thirstraps for conservacucks. They are a media product. Their dating patterns are the same as the rest of women in the soyciety. I don’t even think Lahren is right-wing, she was just reading shit off the teleprompter. Lauren Southern has touched on some issues not talked about like the plight of whites in South Africa but she is also a totally modern woman and found herself an Indonesian simp eventually. Now she is just a post-wall Karen.

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