It’s Anudda Masada

I have a cowboy hat that I bought on my visit to Israel at the Masada fortress. The hat has the word Masada in Hebrew written on it. The Sun in the desert was so strong, I had to get a hat. But then I traveled to Jerusalem, and the Orthodox Jews seemed visibly offended by my new hat…

Masada was fortress stronghold of Jewish rebels against Roman rule. It was besieged by Roman legions, and the defenders, instead of facing death by starvation or shameful surrender and slavery, chose to take their lives. And the latter act is not actually popular with the Jews. But let me quote from BHL’s article:

In Vladimir Putin’s delirious telling, their persecution was normal and just. He claimed the brigade was filled with neo-Nazis whose termination would liberate Ukraine from its worst elements. That was one of the pretexts for Russia’s invasion. In truth, these men took inspiration from—and modeled the bravery of—one of Judaism’s most legendary battles.

Suddenly, a military unit that was once viewed as neonazi has become Jew friendly with the new escalation of the Donbas war. Ukrnazis will suck the dick of whoever that is willing to support them. If it means sucking up to the Jews at this phase of their struggle than be it, and their Nazi heritage can fly out the window.

The Ukrnazis are also masters of turning utter military failures into a peremoha. For instance, the Battle of Kruty, was likened to Thermopylae despite being a shameful military cock up. Mariupol might have been more heroic but the fate of the defenders was not even close to the fate suffered by Jews at Masada.

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