West’s Perennial Attitude Towards Russia

The relations never change…

So, several years ago, when YouTube was actually offering such content, I watched the Russian political commentator, Sergey Mikheyev making a statement that sounded a bit like this…

1) The West wants Russia to join Western ideological project, whatever it currently is, Catholicism, kissing the ass of the pope in Rome, or liberal democracy and flying the rainbow flag.

2) In this ideological project, the Russians will be the ones subordinate. They will do everything the Western owners of the right political thinking tell them to do, or else war…

These two postulates have not changed for hundreds of years, ever since two pivotal events in European history that have defined the conceptions of the West and Russia. The first was the East-West Church schism in the eleventh century, and the second was the Mongol invasion in the thirteenth. The first defined the Catholic West against the Orthodox East, and the second relegated the Russian state to Greater Russia.

Russia perennially suffered Western invasion with the aim to bring the Russians into the fold and dominate over them. We see a pattern here since at least the wars of Novgorod with the Teutonic knights, in Rzeczpospolita’s struggle against the Muscovy over domination of Rus, we also see it in Napoleon’s Continental System, and subsequent invasion, or in Habsburg designs on Russia, similar to that of Rzeczpospolita, or in Hitler’s ideology. All of them inspire and inform each other, and the current liberal Drang nach Osten is no different.

Russia must accept a Western puppet in power. They don’t care much about the guy being a liberal democrat in the West, more like is he willing to do our bidding? And if the answer is positive, the man in Russia will be called a bonafide democrat. Yeltsin sent tanks against the parliament but he was a democrat, Putin undid the oligarchs, sent the Western NGOs packing, and he is an authoritarian. Do you get the logic?

To understand what the West currently wants from Russia, one doesn’t have to look further that the Ukraine. Ukraine is essentially Russia, not the Russian Federation but the historical Russia. And Ukraine does the West’s every bidding. At the same time, Ukraine is the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe. That is Ukraine subscribes to the West’s hegemonic project, and exists within it as a colony. Ever wondered why Ukraine with its perfect location, natural resources and fertile soil is poor? It is poor because it is exploited by the West. And the West wants the same fate for Russia.

Because Ukraine works so well, many in the West harbor wet dreams about breaking Russia into a dozens of Ukraines that could be more easily manipulated into giving up their resources, and at the same time accepting the complete globohomo package up their arse. This is why Russia’s future depends on taking out the Kiev regime to demonstrate that no such sodomy and perversion will be tolerated.

Ukraine’s present would be Russia’s present if Putin was never in the picture, and Russia’s only destiny is a conflict with the West or submission…

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