I Like the Idea of Intermarium

Some think of the idea of Intermarium as a bulwark against Russia, and it maybe so but it also has its positives…

What is the Intermarium?

The Intermarium is an old Polish project for an alliance of East European countries that would link three seas surrounding Eastern Europe, that is the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea, and through the latter the rest of the Mediterranean. It was thought of as primarily a bulwark against the Soviet Union but in its more recent iterations it also presupposes a development of infrastructure between the member countries.

The Imperium concept

I have long supported the reunification of Eastern Slavs into a single powerful Russian state. But then, why should I oppose the Intermarium on the same basis? I support nations coming together rather than the opposite, our modern tech makes the World ever more interconnected, so why not take advantage of that? The imperium is a conglomerate of different nations and regions that pool their resources together. In that sense, the initial idea of the European Union was good but the latter lost its way with the green agenda and other poorly thought out and detrimental policies. The Intermarium would likely be this kind of basket case, which will spend immense money on defense in an unequal competition with the Eastern Slavs over domination of Eastern Europe, as it always was in history with extended Poland.

Pooling resources between countries can propel humanity forward. We can send missions to space, we can improve overall prosperity, and ease travel between our nations…

Should the Czech Republic be part of the Intermarium?

While the Czechs and the Polish share linguistic similarities, they are culturally closer to neighboring German states, I would say even closer to Protestant places like Saxony. I believe we here should play both sides. However what I want is a high speed train that would connect Berlin with Vienna through Prague. I want the highway to the Austrian border that should run through my region finally completed so that my journey to Prague would take a single hour.

2 thoughts on “I Like the Idea of Intermarium

  1. It’s true that EU has a lot of problems with its policies, especially over the past decade. The whole US-Russia standoff as well as how a lot of EU countries went anti-China along with US during the trade war, has just exposed some serious issues with EU – I’ll put it this way, the EU leaders in Brussel are bunch of bitch made tricks, for lack of better words.

    That said, I think we should look into the realpolitik aspect of things instead of just values. Truth to be told, US doesn’t give a rat ass about EU. It has always looked at EU as some sort of competitors. What US wants is for EU to be reduced to the level of obedience demonstrated by the likes of South Korea and Taiwan, which won’t happen, after knowing enough Europeans and have some basic understanding of European way of thinking. Given the current economic crisis and massive inflation, I’d say at some point, EU may experience a vast uprising, which may lead to massive political reforms and a change of the entire leadership. The new EU leadership may turn out to be way less hostile towards Russia. Sounds good, doesn’t it? However, it will piss off Poland and many former Warsaw Pact countries, who think they can manipulate EU to go full on with Russia. This will leave the new EU leaders with little choices other than kicking those countries out. When that happens, US and UK will try their best to make this Intermarium happen and make it as anti-Russia as possible, and at the same time, manipulate the Eurosceptic politicians to stir up troubles within the new EU.

    At the end of the day, it may lead to a really strange scenario of new EU/Russia vs US/UK/Eurosceptic guys within the new EU/Intermarium. Will this Intermarium survive? I doubt it. Even though at the same time, I don’t think Russia will be able to subdue them or at least get them to ease hostility that easily. This is going to be a long and nasty beef.

    I got it all covered in this post on VK. I’ve also came up with another even less friendly scenario. Feel free to read.


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    1. The anti-Russian stance of East Europeans is motivated by American support, remove the latter and the East Europeans will be left with nothing else than to perform a blowjob on Putin.


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