Manipulative Women

Guys, so all my relationships look like this. First they spread their legs, like on the first date, and then they try manipulating me for my money.

They can’t do the latter because I ain’t no simp. I ain’t spending my hard earned cash on some average broad with shit for brains. But I wonder where this behaviour comes from? Do women really consider guys to be fools? Are there too many simps that part with their money for the girls? Maybe…

But there are also women teaching these young chicks all types of garbage.

Imagine paying this post-wall slut money to learn anything? But from what I noticed, women are literally from Venus and the content they consume that fries their brain is vastly divergent from what you subject yourself to.

4 thoughts on “Manipulative Women

  1. In order to find resolution, it’s wise to get to the bottom of it. I think the story goes like this: at some point of a woman’s life, they tend to bump into simps and begin to make gross generalization about all men based on the image of simps. The type of patenting they’ve received, especially from the mother, may be problematic as well. The one who has been teaching women on how to rip men off may came from a background of a wealthy, spoiled mother who’s bored out of her Goddamn mind, and probably a cougar too (another story); and the father is most likely some well educated, rich, committed dorks who think that by giving his wife and daughter money means everything. Now for the simps, you see, at my Japanese restaurant job, I know this Chamorro guy, who’s arguably the biggest simps I’ve known. Dude put up with his Vietnamese girlfriend’s controlling tendency and bitchy attitude for about 3 years. Always buy things for her and I’ve even seen him holding door for her. And despite working like 3 jobs, dude’s actually broke. Then again, he came from a single mother background. I’m not sure what kind of poison his single mom has been feeding him, but it surely turned him into a simp.

    So what we get here? Let’s just say, most modern day women are no longer capable of raising children. Ever since the sexual liberation, they may seems fun. True, women with money and freedom, REALLY fucking know how to enjoy life, way more than men do. But can they be relied on to perform family function? I don’t think so. The freedom and physical as well as emotional comforts have driven them nuts, but at the same time, they’re empty and nihilistic deep down and besides enjoy their lavish lifestyle, they don’t really have any idea of what to do with their lives. That said, men will have no choice but to become more active in familial affairs to prevent their wives from polluting the kids; either that, or simply don’t start family, period! Part of being successful is about knowing your limits. I don’t plan on getting married and stick to one night relationship for a reason.

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    1. I hope that Chamorro at least gets some peach 🍑 after all that simping. You see, these dorks that buy girls shit often don’t get enough action. Sometimes the honey even forget that guy’s dick even exists.

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      1. He seems like an alpha simp. Try to act hard, but a complete imbecile when it comes to women. He may have some asses, but that wouldn’t matter too much. Alpha simps are some of the most despicable yet laughable creatures out there.

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