Shilling for Globalism and Ukraine Will Turn you Into a Freak

So, there was a protest in Moscow against mobilization…

I’m sorry grandpa, the mobilization is not about you…

What the fuck? Billie Ellish fans think they are soldier material.

This guy in fisherman’s hat shouted obscenities about having sex with soldiers’ daughters. He looks like he never had sex with anyone.

It almost seems like shilling for globalism attracts a certain type of people.

3 thoughts on “Shilling for Globalism and Ukraine Will Turn you Into a Freak

  1. Hey, that bitch ass mother fucker in the fisherman’s hat looks a lot like someone I was beefing with last year on VK’s Political Incorrect LOL. His name was Roman Greene I believe. He’s from Moscow too. Dude was talking mad shit about “the social credit obsessed atheistic China”. Dude was wearing ushanka in his profile picture, got a dog and is a big time weeb as far as I remember. You probably know…anime obsessed, sushi craving type of Russian middle-class assholes. What a small world we’re living in eh? Well, I didn’t ask as we were exchanging insults, but honestly speaking, I believe he may be mixed…Greene is not a common surname among Russians. Oh, and he had an equally bitch ass homie who’s a Ukrainian American from the East Coast, but originally from Kharkov. I mind-fucked the shit out of them, and there were actually a few guys who were cheering for me LOL.

    But all in all, I kinda ditched VK’s /pol/, because there are too many shallow, close-minded folks who’re way too one-sided for their own good. Just like the real 4chan’s /pol/, occasionally you can find some hidden treasures who can actually think and make sensible discussions and debates, but not often. I stick to the more pro-Russia groups instead of them autistic anti-political correctness groups. The problem with being purely anti-political correctness is that they lack perspective. I mean ok, I get it, they’re angry, but what are their resolution? The way I see it, if all they know what to do is to be angry and that blame shifting bullshit, or come up with something as laughable as national-democracy aka NazDemo as I’d call them, then they do need to shut the fuck up.

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    1. I think his real name is Granin. The fact he anglicized his screen name tells me a lot. He also repeated some Ukronazi slogan on the demo but he has been since arrested, and removed from society.

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      1. So Greene is not even his real name eh? Not surprising. Trynna act all based and shit by repeating the pro-Trump/Brexiter type of argument, especially the China bashing part, but act like a little bitch over the whole deal. What a joke.


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