Chad Tony Makes the Girls Cry

Funny shit from the UK, a geezer with facial tattoos dumped his British babe, Lorna for a Ukrainian refugee named Sofia Karkadym. I think I already saw this story.

Now Tony the Chad got bored of Sofia’s antics and threw her out of the house. From what I read Sofia was angry and tried to break into the house, she received a restraining order.

Apparently, Tony is a bum that spends his hard earned cash in online casinos. All I can say to Lorna and Sofia is get grip, you chose poorly.

2 thoughts on “Chad Tony Makes the Girls Cry

  1. If every Western male can act like Tony the Chad a bit more, then the Western propaganda machine will cease to function….oh wait, there’s still East Asia, where the bitches will still fall for them and get all smug and all that. Swear, except this Japanese chick at work, who actually has some common sense and remain non-judgmental despite being too quiet, East Asian bitches are even more insufferable than Ukrainian ones as far as personality goes.

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