Isis Called, They Want Money for the Misuse of Their Property

This historically illiterate diatribe reveals that the Ukrainian god is Saturn, the Great Malefic, the archetype of the devil that carries the sickle.

Update on the author:

It is an actress Andrianna Kurylets.

This is what happened to the video on YouTube, enjoy your freedom of speech:

4 thoughts on “Isis Called, They Want Money for the Misuse of Their Property

  1. Haven’t seen anything more upsetting, disturbing since long time ago. Time to stop treating these people like a brotherly nation. Time to show some serious teeth.


  2. One thing that really bugs the fuck out of me, is how you can find Ukrainian and pro-Ukraine trolls spamming their bullshit pretty much everywhere on internet (except VK. Then again, It’s probably because I stick to better groups). Emotional and forceful, they’re good at attracting and/or forcing the non-thinking, sentimental and naive mangina to cry for them or even join their ranks. Mind is an interesting thing, because even if you show them this video, they’ll still believe Ukraine to be innocent. I think they’ll only receive the rude awakening when Americans, British or citizens other West European countries get killed, just like what happened with Bengazi back then.

    The only question is; are those mangina really ok with being talked to that way? I mean come on, them Ukrainian and pro-Ukraine trolls are asshole to…pretty much everyone who dares to ask even a very trifle, modest question. However, the mangina can get cussed, scolded and verbally abused, yet still end up supporting Ukraine. I don’t understand how their minds work. I’d beef mad hard if anyone talk to me like that.


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