Gonzalo Lira aka Coach Red Pill Has Gone Missing

Before the Russian invasion, I was writing a post on historians murdered by Ukrainian Neonazis but I did not finish it because there were more pressing topics to write about. I have mentioned Vitaly Maslovsky, (the link is in Russian) who wrote about the Ukrainian nationalists. He was ostracised, and later died under strange circumstances having received death threats. I also wrote about the more famous, Oles’ Buzyna, who was murdered outside the apartment building he lived in by Neonazis in 2015, and low and behold, none of these Neonazis have faced justice for the murder to this day.

Since the start of the invasion a number of people critical of the Zelensky regime were arrested by the SBU, Ukraine’s secret service. I can name Yuri Tkachev, a journalist from Odessa, Dmitry Skvortsov and Yan Taksyur from Kiev out of my head. Same fate has likely visited Gonzalo Lira, a Chilean, who lives in Kharkov, and whose videos about the Ukraine crisis have gone viral. Gonzalo Lira was previously known in the manosphere as Coach Red Pill, who was doing your regular dating advice videos. However, he has built quite a following there, and became even more famous by appearing on prominent podcasts, and online, and TV programmes to comment about what is happening in Ukraine.

Hopefully, he is alive, and did not meet the same fate as Oles’ Buzyna, and I also hope that his prominent media standing will help spread the word on the nature of the Ukrainian regime.

PS: The Daily Beast did a hit piece on Gonzalo Lira, where an author, clearly an ethnic Ukrainian or a Ukrainian Jew, Mark Hay writes that Lira was giving toxic dating advice. This is what he gives an example:

“Never date a woman in her thirties,” Lira, who’s in his fifties, said in one video created in 2020. He also argued that, “irrespective of what they claim they want,” all women only truly desire money, a house, and kids, as child-rearing is the one thing that will biologically validate them. That women who are still single and childless in their thirties have supposedly ignored that imperative in order to live the ‘hedonistic’ lifestyle that a “degenerate” Western culture pushes them towards, chasing the hottest 15 percent of guys for meaningless sex. And that when they hit their thirties, they all get “baby rabies,” but realize their looks are fading. (“It’s biology,” he said. “Women age badly. Men age like wine.”) So, they will all supposedly lie and connive to trick a man into marriage and a pregnancy, after which they’ll reveal their true faces.

Beta schmuck Mark Hay

You are perfectly welcome young man to seriously date a 30+ Western female, who was passed around by half of the hockey team in your town. You are the loser that gets the leftovers, a mother fucker in my book. Luckily some of these women have been so used to alpha cock, they can’t even properly relate to guys like you, and feel resentful that they have to settle for, well you… Their attitude may save you further troubles. The fact that many men don’t want women over thirty is evidenced by the sheer number of articles, in The Daily Beast among other publications I bet, about the amazing women in their 30s, who cannot find a man, or rather that cannot find a man that will take them seriously.

According to the mainstream media, you have to man up and take the leftovers mother fucker! And sure, tell me the West is not degenerate…

UPD: Gonzalo was found, he says he was detained by the SBU:

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