Ukraine’s Moderate Nazis

So, ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began with Putin saying there are Nazis in the Ukrainian government, the Western media has been trying to diminish the importance, or outright deny the existence of Nazis in Ukraine.

Sending weapons to Nazis would be absolutely unacceptable to the Western public, and so we see the trick with Syrian Moderate Opposition being played again. Remember, how moderate rebells suddenly became the ultra-violent Islamic State? Something similar is being played here. They are giving the Nazis weapons, and if shit gets out of hand, they will play like they didn’t know. Usama bin Laden was once upon time called fighter of the free world. As long as they are killing Russians, they are the good guys…


Other recent posts on trying to hush up Ukraine’s Neonazi problem: see here, here, here, and here.

Further shit in British press:

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