So, Apparently, Russians are Being Lied to About the War in Ukraine

Poor Russians need to get a little bit of that CNN, or Ukrainian Twitter to find out the real state of things…

So here is New York Post:

So, the message is, Russia is bombing civilians. Only problem, however, the pictured residential area is not in Kiev, or in Chernigov, as claimed in the article. This is Donetsk…

The results of a Ukrainian rocket artillery shelling of Donetsk
7 people have died in the ruins

The belief that the Russians are somehow deprived of information, and victims of Russian state propaganda is wishful thinking based on outdated Cold War assumptions. The reality is that Western media reporting on the Ukrainian conflict is atrocious, the amount of fakes the mainstream media publish is staggering. This the same media that was telling us about the danger of fake news, Russian trolls, and disinformation websites.

Above it the Italian newspaper La Stampa giving another Ukrainian bombing of Donetsk off as the Russian military bombing Kiev. This manipulative use of photographic evidence is ubiquitous throughout the Western press.

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