Trump Supporters Think Putin Would not Invade Ukraine if Trump was President

So, apparently what kept Putin from invading Ukraine was the graceful presence of the Donald. I understand that after Russiagate, there is a desire to present Trump as tough on Russia. But to think Putin grew the cojones to attack Ukraine after after witnessing Brandon’s pathetic pullout of Afghanistan, is actually a very superficial analysis.

It presupposes that Putin is some kind of a madman, who woke up one morning and said. “Listen up boys, Murica is ruled by a weak senile idiot, ready the forces…” In fact, Ukraine has amassed forces in the east of the country, and readied them to strike at Donetsk. Putin tried for many months to talk to Americans hoping American will talk sense into the Kiev regime. The Americans weren’t interested in talking sense into the Kiev regime and instead threatened hard sanctions. Do you believe the Donald would have behaved differently? Do you think Trump would strike a satisfactory deal with Putin?

One thought on “Trump Supporters Think Putin Would not Invade Ukraine if Trump was President

  1. When it comes to Trump, there are two main problems here:

    1. Half of the Trump supporters and critics alike, don’t get what Trump actually stands for.

    2. For those who actually know what Trump stands for, they actually think that the world fears Trump and will bow down to US demands because of him.

    For the point 1, Trump never said that he will pull troops back to US, nor did he say he’s going for a more isolationist policy. Trump ain’t no Ron Paul. But unlike his associates such as Bolton and Pompeo, he’s no neocon neither. Nor is he one of those Western liberal expansionist type (such as Obama back then and the goofballs that are in charge now), who resort to mostly idealism when it comes to dealing with other countries. I think Trump is like this; during his presidency, he intended to have the world sorts its own shit out, as long as it doesn’t damage US interests. He doesn’t want to change US interests neither, unless there’s an obvious sign that US is losing money, manpower, strategic leverage or all of them. Whoever damages US interest, be it Iran, China and yes, Russia, Trump will lash out at them, disregard whether US is being reasonable and ethical or not.

    Well, you probably notice that such stance is cognitive dissonance in its purest form. US makes strategic move and puts interests irresponsibly, which will always attract uproars from regional powers or even small-time players sometimes. Yes, US doesn’t create those beefs and wars directly and Eurasia always has problem at getting along, but it’s not like everyone will just let US does as it wishes. I mean come on, US can’t expect to get what it wants out of a controversial scenario and leave the rest to sort their own shits out, without anyone fighting US, calling out bullshit nor even complaining about it. And that leads to point 2; technically speaking, it may work ONLY IF the world believes US to be some kind of demi-God – it has almost reached that level in many parts of the Far East, but the rest ain’t nothing like that; or US really is that powerful that the mentioning of its name will strike fear into people’s heart, which US has never been tbh, even during the time from 1950 to 2008 I’d say, where US strength was at its best. What US needs is a complete change of its fundamental spirit,

    With all that being said, what Trump wants simply won’t happen. At some point, Trump will have to resort to either neocon or that liberal expansionist, rainbow warrior bullshit, just in order to protect US interests. Trump ain’t no saint. That said, I still prefer Trump over other assholes, because let’s face it; Russia and China for that matter, can gain a lot from Trumpism, if they know how to work around Trump’s policies. Just learn to ignore the idiotic supporters that is.

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