Ukrnazis From HK Protest are Now Fighting Russia

Sternenko bottom left

Engagement of Ukrainian Nazis in the Hong Kong protests was covered on this blog. (here and here)

It is my belief that these Nazis are directed by some Western secret service or several as a muscle for protests. This is how they ended up in Hong Kong. On a similar note, Belarusian Nazis who participated in the Maidan and the Donbas War were employed in the protests in Belarus.

A Chinese poster says by buying Russian sweets you support the defeat of fascism.

My profile of Sternenko, the top photo in military gear was posted on his YouTube about a week ago. He appears to be in Odessa.

3 thoughts on “Ukrnazis From HK Protest are Now Fighting Russia

  1. Those Atlanticist assclowns on VK’s Political Incorrect, no matter if it’s the liberast or this really weird, pro-West form of Russian conservatives, needs to understand one thing; Russia and China are in this together, whether they like it or not. If they can’t realize it, then they’ll get squeezed the fuck out by the very same Western world they’ve been worshipping. Same can be said for the Chinese liberasts and those Chinese nationalists with some kind of superiority complex towards Russia.

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