Ukrainian Neonazis Help out at Hong Kong Riots

After destroying their own country, Ukrainian neonazis from the Azov battalion have relocated to Hong Kong to help destroy that city too…

Earlier this year, an initiative of US Congressmen wanted to designate Azov as a white supremacist terrorist group. What happened? Here we see the neonazis helping out at US inspired and supported riots in HK.

Read my other posts on the Hong Kong Ukraine connection.


The Hong Kong rioters tried to claim that these are not really neonazi but rather Slavic pagans, or whatever. And claims of Naziism in Ukraine are all but Kremlin propaganda, which is a talking point learned from their American handlers…


I just realised that the hero of this post Serhii Philimonov was already featured on this blog several months ago when he gave lectures on street protests in Kiev…

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Neonazis Help out at Hong Kong Riots

  1. Odd how all anti government protesters supported by The West are CIA funded and directed while all anti government protesters supported by Russia and China are always righteous and grassroots.

    BTW. The U.S. congress passed legislation showing their support for protesters in Hong Kong only last month while the protests themselves have been ongoing for most of this year. We cannot pretend that legislation passed last month is evidence The U.S. directed or inspired protests in Hong Kong.


    1. Which protesters are supported by Russia or China? I can’t think of any.
      US has had their NGOs work in Hong Kong for a while. The legislation of course is not where the US support began.


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